Editorial Gadfly

1926 Hugo Gernsback created the Austouding magazine with stories, among others, of Asimov. Brian W. Aldiss angry will tell Hugo is the worst calamity that ever fell on the field of the CF. 1939 Campwell purifies the genre, exerting an intolerable paternalistic dictatorship, according to Capanna. The cult Metropolis de Fritz Lang film is projected and spreads the famous and powerful radio version of the war of the worlds with the proverbial panic caused by Orson Wells.

Appear the UFOlogists as Daniken. L. Ron Hubbard in addition to writing CF will create a cult called Dianetics with influences that duran. In 1944 a loose novel of Cartmill entitled Deadline ahead of the outbreak of an atomic bomb when the project was still underway and it was top secret, they arrested the author to then release it. Hiroshima Nagasaki. Heard the echoes of the pump, the reality of the end of the species was no longer a mere fantasy. 1955 die the pulp in the U.S. but there are certain rise of the CF in Argentina, the men of the future of Editorial Gadfly magazine brings material Austouding and Starling Stories, hard three numbers but it emphasizes the localist translation, so flame Weinbaum black appears a such Jose Alberto Quintana, cordovan engineer, as protagonist.

1953 1957 More than science and fantasy magazine mother of an unusual quality has its boom, directed by H. L. Gold and later H. G. Oesterheld. It was subsidiary of Galaxy and classic installments of the genre as the day of the triffids of Wyndham, edited works of Heinlen, Asimos, Bester, Clarke, Sturgeon, Bradbury, etc. Local writers were Asquini, Oesterheld, Peres Zelaschi, Cobarrubia, Mariotti also owned spaces of scientific dissemination, test, and good illustrators. A few months until the Sputnick takes the Earth beyond left out, those who laughed at the crazy futurists enmudecieron. At the same time came out Urania, eponymous magazine of the Italian who only took out two numbers.