Daniel Barenboim

It seems that it did not listen to of the Body of Peace and other programs of humanitarian aid that the United States offers by the planet for 50 years, with the result of which their beneficiaries never consider sufficient and hate the North Americans until death. Another obnubilado genius, surprising dangerous by its level of incongruity, is Daniel Barenboim. As well as it shines in his capacity musical comedy, also does in its political incapacity. Barenboim (66) is an Argentine Jew, nationalized Israeli, with Palestine citizenship, that lives in Germany. The Palestine citizenship must be or very easy or very difficult to acquire, because any country does not exist that is called Palestine. Anyway, the cause that Barenboim prefers to have the identity of the enemies of those who gave shelter him, gives rules of the class of existential labyrinth that it has in his interior.

In a hard blow with the reality, it makes thing of two weeks, the Arabs to those who protect decided almost simultaneously to boycott their action in Ramallah where she wanted to give a concert, with Leonard Cohen (75), my composer, singer and favorite poet. Another kind and innocent superequipped Jew who looks for La Paz, but that he does not include the Middle East either. The boycott arose, because as well as both artists plead for the Palestinians, also defend to Israel, fact that the Muslims do not tolerate because they do not admit the right to the existence of the State Jew. The Palestinians do not want La Paz nor the coexistence with the Jews. If there are Jews who do not understand that, it is already hour of which they are located.

The majority we have music and the reading like hobby. For Chopra, Baremboim and Cohen its hobby is the policy. If they were not famous, their opinions and proposals to solve the world-wide problems would be as excellent as those of the barber or the taxi driver. If these lights had spent to the policy the same time to him and dedication that to the activities that made them famous, would be enriching to listen to them. Meanwhile, they are so coherent and interesting as Henry Kissinger speaking of confectioner’s.