Commission Accounting Necessary

BAR C / S Nord-soft with almost unlimited configuration of Commission rules Commission system with currently leistungsfahigstem formula editor in the German market of Horst / 02.02.2009 – economic crises as currently complicate not only the sales conditions, but force the companies usually also to significant changes in their products and marketing strategies. This will require very flexible Commission accounting systems in consequence because are about the Commission rules changed or introduced new rules and products. It is also possible that it is a modification of the evaluation existing specifically for certain products and customer group and calculation rules. This requires solutions as C / S, the high flexibility make staff available”judge Peter Hohns, sales coordinator at Nord-soft. It is due to the possibility of the almost limitless configuration by Commission rules virtually in a position to support any new technical requirements.

This applies to individual agreements and rules and regulations of the Company as well as for different parameters such as, for example, taking into account different contract data. Also, this market-leading Commission accounting system with more than 130 additional functions can represent business across all products and calculate the commissions. The solution can be used for the management of free and tenured employees, agents, franchisees, distributors, third party distributors and tipsters in unlimited tree depth and width. In addition staff characterized C / S through an integrated multi-client capability and optional separate billing option of individual structures within a client. Background of this flexibility is provided with calculation core with the currently most powerful formula editor, which can be purchased in the German market. The Commission accounting system must these challenges through an appropriate administration in the form of a comfortable user handling with easily adjustable formula editor and a tailored functionality with a strong core of computing meet”, judge about Jorg Werner, head of Department of insurance agency Cura GmbH. In times of constant change, it is essential to respond rapidly to new demands of the market and the customers. (Similarly see: Bobby kotick). As well, staff offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to the integration in a heterogeneous system environment C / S.

This is done via corresponding interfaces for the import and export of data. Among the key advantages of the Commission system also, that is the attitude of master data with the data through the intermediaries, products and affiliates for a proactive processing are integrated. About Nord-soft: The company was founded over 20 years ago. It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. Its customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc.