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Manila Guitar

Flamenco can dance group or solo. The term Flemish covers a wide variety of cantes, dances and guitar styles. The music is based on a harmonic system closely related to Arabic music and cross rhythms of North Africa. The guitar is used in both single flamenco to accompany the voice or dancing with lighted melodies, strumming and percussion. In the nascent romantic spectacle, voice occupied the site of honor in a gradual way, doing the flamenco a story Sung and narrated in the first person. It was common then that the singer himself or the singer accompanied with the guitar music. The curfew also grew and, at maturity, guitarist claimed a place provided for their individual achievements.

Dancing, singing and guitar joined again, with each element, more polished and perfected. But the dancing, singing and guitar are not the only thing that matters in the world of flamenco: there is also the flamenco fashion. The origin of flamenco fashion and flamenco costume goes back to the clothing with which women flocked to primitive cattle fairs. Much the handlers of these rustic events were Gypsies and peasants, and their garments were simple robes while surmounted with two or three flyers. Little by little these humble garments for enhancement that made of the female figure, were putting fashion, so that the upper classes began to imitate by attending the cattle fairs, the clothing of the most humble. The suit of flamenco has evolved with the years. Thus the roughness of the first fabrics was defeated with the profusion of ruffles, which printed by walking a more jacarandoso air.

Features clearly opted with the passage of time: peak, round or square neckline, hair collected in mono, belted waist that opens in hips by way of flower and the all-important Accessories: flowers in the hair, necklaces, earrings, Manila shawls. The exhibition of Seville of 1929 served as a consecration of the suit of flamenco and the acceptance by the affluent classes as essential to go to the fair outfit. Source: Press release sent by Michelangelo.marketingp. hundreds of Peruvian activists protest against bullfighting Gonzalo Anti New World Order other statistics in the manifest Toro: flamenco, a gift to humanity and a right for the Andalusian village Party communist of Andalucia Canaveral de Leon shows best Flamenco fashion along with your DESENCAJA Laguna 10 novice designers of flamenco dresses will compete in SIMOF 2011

World War

This is an additional problem in addition to the fall in the volume of trade due to a lower consumer demand and credit problems caused by the financial crisis. In this respect prof. Jeremy j.. Siegel. He noted, that protectionism is rather a threat, not a fact, although it’s a growing threat that must be taken very seriously.

In fact, so far the protectionist sentiment is much weaker than what would be expected in a principle, and that is something that I like, said Professor everyone has in mind the great depression and its huge tariff levels on the other hand, the director-general Pascal Lamy invoked the infamous Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930, which increased tariffs on more than 20,000 products imported by the United States. This Act sparked a trade war which, according to many economists, worsened the depression. Either with tariffs or other measures more sophisticated, now run the risk of rushing us to the slippery terrain of measures and countermeasures. Adds Universia Wharthon, than in the United States, in the Chamber of Deputies, Democrats drafted tough provisions to purchase American products in his economic stimulus bill, though the terms were softened in the Senate at the request of the Obama administration. The final law obliges to use iron, steel and American manufactured goods in projects financed by the stimulus plan. Allowed exceptions in the public interest or if the use of American materials increases the costs of the project by 25% or more.

And most importantly, approved Finally, unlike the version of the Chamber of Deputies, stipulates that United States must follow fulfilling its international trade agreements. This calmed many groups defending free trade, such as the Chamber of Commerce American, which had pressed hard against the measures proposed by the camera. Further, indicates that many experts believe that additional stimulus will be needed and worried that growing protectionist sentiment, even while the Obama administration has taken positions strongly advocates free trade. Meanwhile, certain protectionist impulses are observed in the rest of the world. France and Italy, as well as United States, have approved measures to help its automotive manufacturers. In the United Kingdom, some measures to protect employment are considered potentially protectionist, and many countries have criticised China for keeping its currency artificially low to promote their exports eventually, many experts are concerned the return of protectionism, but many point out that at the moment there are other factors that do far more damage to international trade. According to predictions of the World Bank, trade will fall this year for the first time since World War II, and many ports because they are experiencing double-digit drops. Finally he concludes the article by Universia Wharton who in the opinion of Prof. Meyer, the threat of protectionism is just one of the ingredients of the combination of challenges facing the global economy.

Social Network

The social network connects people with experience and gets again positive feedback from the members. Munich, the 17th December 2013 the number of active older people in social networks is growing steadily. Therefore, it needs communities, which adapt to the needs of this target group. That has become even, the social network for people with experience to the target. Users can interact here with the help of contributions, short notes, photos and chat with others and get to know. Only when one is sympathetic, you start a contact request.

Just like in real life. Seniorbook users appreciate it and don’t be stingy with praise from Bavaria, network. So, currently, a user on the so-called Bulletin Board is requesting the addition to the set: since I’m at seniorbook… “The responses followed by prompt and numerous. Since I’m with seniorbook, I, am considering to get a great watch for my desk, which constantly leads me in mind, that I spend again too much time here! “, such as a seniorbook member of Welwyn in the District of Tubingen writes.” Since I’m with seniorbook, I clearly recognize the difference between Facebook & co “, emphasizes a further user of the Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis. Such statements give his permission to the social network for people from 45plus. Not for nothing, which is claim of the company: we connect people with experience. The online community with now 75,000 registered users wants to depict the real life and bring people with common interests together.

“Mostly people that are erwachseneren on a” level want to replace. Social networks and the Internet can so enrich our lives. Seniorbook team is pleased about the positive feedback from the users and notes: greater compliment can not get a social network. Verena Simon, Seniorbook AG

Blindness People

One becomes pertinent to question the identity, therefore if it lives in the world, where the dynamics of the communication potencializa what it is not essential to the being? to each day the information are transformed, and this makes with that certain directions with regard to the world are lost, the globalization, the communication. They are circulated there for, if knowing right what we are, nor so that it serves, nor that sensible it has existncia.' ' … flock of blind people who become vacant deriva' ' (SARAMAGO, 1995, P. 255). All the changes would be affecting, equally, the individual identities, this have taken the desestruturao of the perception that all we have in them of in the same ones, as if we fossemos unos citizens in the characteristics that our personality composes. In this direction, if it sees in the workmanship a double desestrurao of the identities? either in the individual, ahead of its place in the social and cultural world, or individuals properly said. Saramago to if inquietar with these sensations are used of literature to denounce the loss of the essence human being in the contemporaneidade. In this direction, the skepticism of the author directs its reflections to the myth of the cave of Plato, therefore the people do not obtain to enxergar the reality being left to take advantage the empire of the images imposed for the technologies.

Under this optics, if she observes that the author, she sees the people manipulated, mentally ill, guided for the beginning of ' ' ter' ' instead of ' ' ser' ' in this way if moving away from its essence. ' ' It is of this mass that we are facts, half of indifference and half of ruindade' ' (SARAMAGO 1995, p.40). In epigraph of the book Assay On the Blindness, the author Jose Saramago signals this question; ' ' If pods to look at, see.

The Lesser

The solar maximum of 2000 was enough to increase the global concentrations of O3 in about 3% above average. An interesting point, is that a possible solar cycle exists, of about 90 years (Cycle of Gleissberg), that it foresees that the Sun goes to be in a great minimum of activity (minimum minimorum) in next the two solar cycles (next 22 years), that is, of now until years 2022-23, if to repeat the cycles previous (1890-1915 and 1800-1825). Of this form, it is possible that the layer of O3 of course diminishes in function of the lesser flow of UV. (Amongst the hundreds of studious – and consultants of industries of refrigeration gases – it will be that alone I know of this) It will be that I will make right mine ' ' previso' '? there? They will be ' ' substitutos' ' , or the remainders of the CFCs, the causers of the reduction (fluctuation) of the layer of O3 in the future? To wait and to see what it happens! Annex two figures one that the increase of concentration of O3 with the time shows (1996-2001) and another one that shows the number of solar spots of the cycle that we are living ' ' Cycle 233. It notices the minimum of O3 in 1996 (minimum the solar one), the relative maximum in 1998 and the maximum in 2000 (maximum solar). FIGURE 1. Monthly average global concentrations of O3comparadas with the minims registered in 1996. FIGURE 2.

SOLAR CYCLE 23. One observes the minimum of 1996, the relative maximum of 1998 and the absolute maximum of 2000. Forecast of minimum for 2007-08. If &#039 cannot try to conserve the Planet using; ' verdades' ' scientific not proven! It is important to clarify the population on the limitations of the current scientific knowledge and to fight for the conservation under the argument that, being the observed database small, exists an uncertainty how much to the capacity of the man to intervene with basic phenomena of the climate, as effect-greenhouse layer of O3. In the doubt, currently existing, it is better to conserve reducing activities that can intervene with the climatic system.

Saxon Professional Championships

Training, prevention and rehabilitation are available in addition to the head office in Leipzig in the branch offices in Chemnitz, Dobeln, Plauen and Zwickau available. The various retraining, qualification and integration measures are an important contribution not only to return people to the work process, but also by the orientation on the labour market contribute to tackling the lack of skilled workers in the economy. In addition, several courses of vocational training are offered at the educational institution. More information and pictures: professional promotion factory Leipzig gemeinnutzige GmbH Michael Lindner Leiter PR Corporate communications-Georg-Schumann-Strasse 148 04159 Leipzig Tel.: 0341 9175120 Fax: 0341 917563120 E-Mail: Internet: we about us/presse.html following the interview on the subject with Carsten Johnson: interview with Carsten Johnson engagement by Cisco which focus puts Cisco in cooperation with educational institutions? The entire IT industry is required to avoid an already foreseeable skills gap in the near future. Cisco’s contribution is a comprehensive learning platform for the training of IT professionals with global standards. The combination of completed vocational training and industry certificate is a good starting basis. Together with our partners, we want to also support the participants to run successfully in the labour market. We particularly appreciate the cooperation with educational institutions, pursuing an integrated approach to support education participants during the transition to work.

Carsten Johnson, photo: Private what reasons for it, to leave the equipment for the training of the BFW Leipzig? Practical exercises make education lively and motivate tricky problems in the learning phase to deal with. Potential employers look very carefully, whether a / candidate has only theoretical knowledge or practical leadership skills. And Cisco would like to contribute to that in the training currently on the market commonly used devices are used. How do you appreciate the level of training of IT education at the BFW Leipzig? The training at the BFW is practical and up to date. I’m impressed by the expertise of the trainers. The reader might ask himself: what I can see, if I’m not even in the classroom? I regularly meet the instructor at the training courses by Cisco and knows that in the past few years came the Saxon State winner of the WorldSkillsGermany of the BFW. Partner of the BFW Leipzig will once again be Cisco the next Saxon Professional Championships? Answer: Of course Cisco it again, if the question is answered: who is the best NetWorker in Saxony, Germany.


This phase is necessary to constitute the base of process of necessary measures for reduction of security imperfections. 3. To implant security solutions: process which the department of the business area if joined with the department technician of Technology of the Information (YOU), to argue and to implement better forms of correction of security imperfections. This is phase of construction of a system of security in the information system, in which 9 all can place its ideas and solutions in practical, always evaluating the possible impacts in the final users. The value of the information currently for the companies possesss a high cost very, therefore they are involved investments with the technological part, employee and involved people in general. Visualizing of this form we can really know if it must invest above in a system of security of the information (SSI) following the three mentioned stages: To identify the risks, To implant the Analysis of risk in the organization and To implant security solutions. Currently system total safe, due to the constant sprouting of new vulnerabilities does not exist. These directly cause a certain disadvantage for who think that it is enough to invest only one time in a process of implantation of the system of security of the information will solve the problem of its organization.

A safe and steady system is that one that possesss daily investments and periodic maintenances to prevent future constaints. But the benefits gotten they are very great and they bring great advantages for organizations and confidence for its customers (PEAR TREE, 2004). The investment in system of security of the information against diverse disasters provides for organization a grating of trustworthiness, a time that hardly will have stops in the system of information for reason of security imperfections, offering bigger economy and yield for organization and the people who are involved in the productive cycle. Exactly with as many notice on virtual plagues, viruses, worws among others, many companies not yet possess the vision of if worrying about the security of the information. Good part of them uses softwares pirates what it increases the probability of attacks very.

This lack of concern with the security of the great information cause financial damages and with great possibilities not to be indemnified for the use of these softwares pirates (LONG, 2005). To jointly implement a system of security of the information with the risk management, it must be analyzed which the real necessities and priorities of the organization. 10 3 REDES TCP/IP REDES SEM FIO (WIRELESS) In this chapter will be boarded concepts on nets TCP/IP, classifications of internal and external nets, main standards of communication of nets wireless exemplificando its types of functioning infrastructure and Ad. 3,1 CONCEPTS OF NETS TCP/IP the TCP/IP is a set of protocols of communication between computers in net (also called stack of protocols TCP/IP). Its name comes of two protocols: the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol? Protocol of Control of Transmission) and the IP (Internet Protocol? Protocol of Interconnection). In accordance with the site Wikipdia (2009) says that: The set of protocols can be seen as a model of layers, where each layer is responsible for a group of tasks, supplies

Transforming History

The philosopher George Santayana affirmed that ' ' those that does not know history, are condemned repet-la' '. But that type of History would be this? To decorate names and dates or to randomly teach to the Discovery of Brazil and Escravagista Period for a child of 4 series, or Globalization for an adolescent of 6 series will not give possibilities effectively to know and to criticize these facts. History is discovered and not taught. It is necessary to motivate the pupil for the quarrel, to instigate it to criticize it the facts so that it can make a synthesis of it and compare it with the reality that the fence. She is necessary still to develop methodologies that despertem its curiosity, so that it feels will to search conhecimeto. The exarcerbado traditionalism that comes occurring in the practical one I teach-apredizagem of our education is literally threatening the construction of a better future.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + used long ago not more private. Many companies use the possibilities that you have through the social networks on the Internet more and more. The social media marketing can be used in many different ways and should be viewed as a complement to the existing business activities. For the companies that still do not see the benefits, here is information about the opportunities of social media marketing: target group: which aim a company with its marketing? It would like to reach the relevant target group! What good are long distances, if advertising hardly anyone from the own target group interested in the end. With the social networks there are many opportunities the company.

The success of social networks is that people want to share with other people. Everyone should know what interests and preferences. Exactly this Facebook can offer target group-oriented advertising businesses, which the advertising companies benefited greatly. The user decides: in addition, the user decides which corporate pages he wants to pursue. So not, it sucks the customers effect”. He would like to be informed about news and is already interested in the company and its products.

Image: a word of-mouth is caused by the “likes” and the “split” posts also propaganda, which can be in best cases to the self-perpetuating if the company particularly successful publish. Particularly creative videos, this is very often the case. The level of awareness can be improved in a short time. This is of course not obvious. The social media marketing should be introduced by experienced staff and regularly maintained. Or it is assigned a social media agency that specializes. Customer contact: Through the social networks can interact directly with the customers. What do the customers of the services and products? Which one The customers have needs, ideas or wishes? It gives the customer feel good if he can talk and is included. An active exchange here leads to sustainability and a good sense of customer. Of course, so even customers who have questions about a product can be persuaded and obtained as new customers. Companies should take advantage of opportunities: one thing should be clear to any company. Employees or agencies must be responsible to create appropriate and good content and to ensure that the contact with the customer. Bad or inkatives social media marketing can lead to negative consequences. “All or nothing” the motto should be here. And if it lacks a company on the missing knowledge or time there fortunately enabled Internet agencies, which are very well versed with social media activities.

Acting as a Team

6. Low skill players – the players have learned to cover up each other, trying to act as a team, shooting skill (!) Soobrazhalki (!) And everything was much higher than it was. For by the fact that the game began with more advanced players. Then follows a middle skill, hiskill, pro. All this is very relative))) but the general idea, I hope, will carry into the heads of those who will read the article. A general idea is as follows. To distinguish the play well Rights of the cheater, you need to be on the very good level. And it is always advisable to be adequate, not inflated opinion of their abilities and skills.

This step (high self-esteem) are almost everything. Man sees that host on the server it is one of the best, but it still does not know what in fact is the players … especially those newly made famous clans of the students. The script is the same. Going to another "Pro-duper-mega-clan ', make govnosayt on yukoze, write "stuff to us CW!!! (Clanwar, Game 5 on 5).

Open your server. Since CW assign them no rush, gaining his opponents in their number those who accidentally dropped them on the server. And play. What is natural – win. And then write on your website, "we spent over 40 kV, we have 38 wins and 1 draw. Funny? )) I, too, I saw a dozen of these clans. Most found their site after the accident came to him for serv, played 5 minutes and flew away in the bank with cause cheater. And I – low skill player =. They have experienced players have not met. Well, at the end of a few facts, observations. – More than 50% of the charges of cheating, yelling "you WH! Cheats off, it in my head through a wall kill – ban him" and so on – is dull and mindless trolling. Many are well aware that no man is cheater, but write it. Whether to annoy the enemy, or order to reassure themselves. – Very often the real cheaters with wh, rush to accuse others of like that. Since More than 90 percent of this total vhashnikov Nuba, they have no idea how they both might have noticed, or how well they shot. And they start yelling in anger – in fact as well go: "I have a cheat, but he will still kill me over and over again, then he cheater and he cheat steeper and it is no secret, is not afraid. And I'm so smart so cautious me no one slept. And it starts. "You cheat off fast … GL and HF! Do not be a meat, do not use cheats! Finish it. Be calm. Do not rush to conclusions, never. Especially if you have not had experience playing in a team, and always played only to the "meat". Yes, sometimes BX Schnick immediately clear. If he can barely shoot, running stupid, crooked throws a grenade, but it aims at the wall and shoot in advance – before your next noob-cheater. But, if it's not as if you just can not understand this gamer – let the findings of his game resultant experienced admin. To be an admin – this is also a skill and it is not sold immediately. On this, my mission done, go to rest, gl & hf, play farsh go meat!