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The Universe Through Technology

And unfortunately, as a result of many observations and few successes interpretive find that almost all current theories about the end of the universe are deeply pessimistic, apocalyptic and only few dare to raise the possibility of a kinder future for our coexistence with the Universe. OPTIMISTIC THEORY The Universe, seen as all that exists (or just the whole), is composed of: space + field + energy + time. And we human beings are part of the whole, we have a bit of it. The universe for some, and the universe had a beginning for them is finite, it is only the visible universe, and for them the quantity of energy contained in it is finite, say the time is not eternal, that space is finite and it seems that, for them, the space has to be growing to the extent that the visible matter and energy, expands. For others the space is infinite and eternal and matter-energy contained in space can be finite or infinite.

Space, by simple logic, necessarily has to be: three-dimensional and infinite. To understand that space is infinite enough to rely on science: The philosophy and specifically in the logic, logical reasoning and imagine any possible limits or boundary of space and think that after that limit is imaginary, only possible answer is that there is more space, ie more of the same, or can not be a limit, the space continues indefinitely. To understand why both space and the universe are three-dimensional enough to understand that constantly radiate energy components of the visible universe, travels at the speed of light across the empty space in all directions and the three-dimensional space travel , has no end, because the current theory on the electromagnetic energy tells us that electromagnetic waves in vacuum self regenerate indefinitely and that energy while traveling is still part of the universe, and the space occupied or used by the energy that travels is also part of the universe, and this will occur indefinitely, so the space and the universe must also be three dimensional, as are all the possible paths of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the visible universe. .

Scientific Thought

We all like to be cautious. As soon as we got, we want to know how to spend the day, if rain is expected, or if it will be hot, and so we have to face the day. The service free horoscopes is the proper way to perceive how the day may appear. Thanks to this service will free horoscopes knowledge to foresee the difficulties that pass daily Menot that certainly we will encounter in our daily routine. Do not let problems leave you crippled, you can prevent the service of free horoscopes. The horoscope is a technique based on observation of the stars and the relative positions that they acquire a certain time. This term comes from the Greek words "hour" and "examine", which pretty well sums up its original meaning: to examine the heavenly bodies under an hour, and based on rather complicated calculations, to draw conclusions. Since thousands of years ago, the most advanced civilizations, like the Aztecs and resorted to the Chinese horoscope, or meet potential threats that could sift over the people.

Those of are based on precise astronomical and mathematical calculations that result in a very accurate prediction, backed by expert knowledge astrologers who give that personal touch that make it a particularly sensitive message for our readers. The different zodiac signs are based on a division of the sky into twelve zones, each of which corresponds to a different symbol. So every zodiac sign is ruled by a celestial body that represents it. Free Horoscope can read and extract meaning from these subtle nuances to synthesize a report that will be very useful to prepare to what the future holds you. Also, among the signs of the zodiac, when making the free horoscopes are considered the astrological houses. They have to do with the geographical area where it becomes the horoscope.

In this way, not be taken as forecast how someone in Germany that someone in China. For this reason, the free horoscopes is the ideal for you. The proper wording of a horoscope is really a science complex, which includes calculations and measurements are not easy to perform for the common man. However, this wealth of mathematical data should be combined specifically with the personal touch that only our astrologers can create for you, at your service in our free tarot service. Jesus Torres

Philosophy And Science

Many teachers and not only one given that philosophy entails, basically, an awareness of reflexive confrontation to reality, its fruit is expressed as a very personal conquest. The universe presents not only physical evidence that science is responsible for to derive its laws; It is also, inconstancias, riddles, mysteries, uncertainties, cundido, whereupon each teacher gives his explanation, assuming a very particular position, expressing their own responses. Views on the universe or world not precisely valid universally (forgive the redundancy). Expressions of his thinking, from his particular way of explain the world about the context of their particular historical era. So many teachers could involve the study or allusion both to many approaches as historical eras of humanity.

Because each historical moment since answers to the mysteries according to their degree of science and vital maturity (wisdom) are invoked. From Plato to Marx not only median times, but multiple feints of explanation of reality. Studied with many teachers, because it means to participate in the knowledge of the other to feed himself, alluding in their details to the clarifications of history and human passions. Always, of course, taking into account the squab of philosopher who philosophize aims to develop own criterion that there will not be sufficient with the simple repetition of doctrines, as they did you teachers them in each of his seasons. Different philosophical systems. The man determines the era or the time man? The man, according to the cognitive resources that count in its historical moment, tempts the enigma in their own way.

His life and existence, peculiar about his historical moment, ask for clarifications. The prior existence of other thinkers could be leverage to cement a new stance with regard to the world, but essentially a philosophical system responds to the need for its peculiar time response. It has philosophy, as the Science, systematization and acquis in the teaching of the ancient, but it itself involves a blatant and personal position towards life. It is always at its time. It would be foolish to get out there to people that repeat like parrots closed postulates of other philosophical doctrines and call them philosophers. Anyone who as Plato explains the present world surely will be something silly, more if it gets to the idea that it is a philosopher (do this without waiting to repeat those other elemental philosophers explaining life according to air, fire, Earth or water). Philosophy as personalized knowledge. Said above: each season, a position, but philosophical system. Philosophy as a scientific discipline, such as chemistry or physics is not learned. Assimilates a way of thinking and judging; enigmatic territories with personal insight will conquer. There are no laws or rules. There are simply lives with thoughtful positions on its existence. The impersonal scientific knowledge science and its rules belong to them all. It can be asible by all. It is to discourage universal, when their language is assumed to reach their centers. It does not imply personal commitment in the assimilation of its laws. Anyone who take your road is susceptible isolate and conceptualize their records. There is no creativity no commitment in the Act of lifting the backdrops that saved their repitencias. Philosophy, on the other hand, is a position towards life. Give shape to an explanation about the fact of existence implies the assumption of a subjective position, where creativity comes into action to found explanatory worlds, parallel metaphysicians of the physical exterior reality that explores science.

Top Gadgets

A value added for its readers would be a great sense of humor, so it tries to add a humorous commentary in his articles when it comes. Another important point is to avoid to go to its reader as if it was going to the multitude. It does not write as if it was preparing a speech. It writes as if it was having a conversation with a single person, with a friend for example, because this way it will be able to project the ideas to his reader with greater facility. Apart from which also he is very useful to establish his own personality through his words. We are very peculiar creatures, is the nature of its visitors, who want to know as much of you as of information that them this offering. To have a distinguishing personality in his blog, will make be able to a world of difference between blog on Gadgets (for example) and all the others him blogs on Gadgets that there is. This is looked much like the creation of its own mark, where people immediately remember the name of his blog when they need information on Gadgets (for example), like people think immediately about McDonald" s when it desires fast food or Nike to them if they look for sport clothes.

In a next article it will develop more on the content subject. When the voice about thematic of his is run blog, other that need to know on their same thematic one, will begin to look for to him actively you. By an effective emprendimiento. Miguel Domnguez Original author and source of the article.

Science of the Law

That is, in the words of Hugo, the right is created slowly, gradually, following the problems, one's own needs and of course uses the people themselves, who are telling people how to solve their situations a background clearly identifiable with the law. The law itself is made by hand molding the people. Friedrich Karl Savigny (1779-1860). This professor at the University of Berlin was, as everyone knows, a disciple of Hugo. From him he learned the foundation of this way of thinking which developed in detail and made known within in the world of intellect. Systematizing of the school, attacked the law as the only source of law and the codification of it. Remember that the law is the product of the spirit of the people.

From their TREATY works are the possession and, above all, OF THE VOCATION OF OUR CENTURY TO THE LAW AND THE SCIENCE OF LAW, the latter published in 1814 in order to argue on the proposal of Professor at the University of Heidelberg, Thibaut, expressed in his essay on THE NEED OF A CIVIL RIGHT TO GERMANY, where practically summoned the lawyers of that country to the development of a Civil Code in size, perhaps, of the Napoleonic code itself. As expected THIBAUT ANTONIO thesis, for his clear nationalist tendency, was widely popular among those students of legal science, but the arguments of Savigny, as we know, were much more forceful and imposing ended. In this clear answer to Thibaut, Federico Carlos de Savigny openly attacked the idea that the Law was the only source of law, as well as the tendency to codify it, as law and right before imposition of the state is product of the spirit of the people or Volksgeist.

Construction Companies

Everyone wants to live in conditions that would allow him as much as possible to embody his ideas of comfort, comfort, beauty and harmony. Regardless of what each of us prefers – a flat or home – accommodation should be spacious and warm, beautiful and comfortable. Thus, the decision was made – renovated apartment is inevitable! Due to the fact that you probably do not have skills in repair and finishing works and do not enter the number of people with education in construction is to carry out repairs to repair the apartment you will need expert help. It was at this moment, you suddenly surprised to discover how powerful advertising in our world! Proposals for repair of apartments and a lot of it now remains only to make a choice, and we need it to be true. The first question – who do the repair flats – with a large firm with a team of artists, or with a group of fellow enthusiasts from near abroad? Each approach, there are pluses and minuses. In a nutshell – a team of artists will appreciate your work less than a major repair and construction firm, and a group of friends from neighboring countries to agree to make repairs more cheaper.

Work the firm is always more expensive – but it's safer and calmer, have clearly defined obligations of each side, the firm can always be found and if properly designed to encourage contractual relations responsibility for the poorly done repairs. Team or company? Let's objectively look at both options: Repair the apartment by yourself working team quality repairs. Hiring a crew to work without being specialist, you will be very difficult to distinguish normal from a gang of charlatans team, especially if the choice is based solely on the promises and good prices. In the production of works you have to control consumption and delivery of materials, quality of work performed, if necessary, to provide a tool.

Valentina Jose

Among his more memorable students are Angel Mercado, Plinio Lopez, Luis Cardona and Rafael Ceballos Sierra, although according to his own words to me all my students of all ages are very important. Of the Rodolfo Morales was transferred to Jose Domingo Boscan and later to the school Lomafresca where would act as principal for several years until the date of his retirement through the front door in 2007. Still remember fondly his way through school Rodolfo Morales, because there he had his first professional experience and also because in it she met Professor Jose neck Herrera, the man in your life, whom he married and started his family and who had his sons Jose de los Reyes, Gabriel Joseph, Elfa Liliana and Antero Jose. With them he has shared difficult and pleasant moments at his residence of 7th Street in the Santander neighborhood, emblematic place in the sector and which you can be reached even if the location. It is only necessary ask the first one find where he lives the Elfa breast and immediately inform a casa grande wide and generous as the heart of his owner, who currently enjoy your leisure time in pleasant conversation with neighbors, the delicious talk with everyone who wants to visit her and care for her granddaughter Valentina, you new girl of his dreams. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.

Management Science

General, basic considerations The management science increasingly provides through the exercise of management in business and this at a time in the scenario in which they operate tools that guarantee results beneficial saberseles use. A very important tool is related to the balanced scorecard – CMI (Balanced Scorecard – BSC), which as noted by Wikipedia, was introduced in the January / February 1992 Harvard Business Review, based on work performed for a semiconductor company (the company concerned would Analog Devices Inc.). Its authors, Robert Kaplan and David Norton, argue that the WCC is a system of management or administrative system (Management System), which goes beyond the financial perspective with which managers tend to assess progress of a company. It is a method for measuring a company's activities in terms of its vision and strategy. Provides administrators with a comprehensive view of business performance. It is a tool management companies that continually shows when a company and its employees achieve the results defined by the strategic plan. It is also a tool that helps the company to express the objectives and measures necessary to comply with the strategy.

According to the book "The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action", Harvard Business School Press, Boston, 1996: "The BSC is a revolutionary tool to mobilize people towards the full implementation of the mission through channeling the energies, skills and expertise of people in the organization toward achieving long-term strategic goals. It allows both to guide current performance and target future performance. Use measures in four categories-financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business processes and learning and growth-to align individual initiatives, organizational and cross-departmental and identify entirely new processes to meet customer goals and shareholders.


We live in an exciting world. A world that is constantly changing. What has worked up to this point is questioned, or simply ignored. Hot trends are cooled quickly and leave passage to new ideas and ways of acting. Just look at what surrounds us to realize that everything is in constant transformation: the concept of family has evolved. Now, husband and wife are working all day outside the home and the children spend less time with their parents. Furthermore, appear new familiar formulas that have little to do with traditional ones. Concern for beauty reaches unprecedented levels.

All pay special attention to our physical and aesthetic condition. Gyms and beauty products are experiencing an unprecedented explosion. Leisure time is a fundamental part of our lives. Currently, the search for more free time has become one of the major objectives. Young people are willing to earn less if this can make more free time for them. The pyramid of age has been reversed.

Gone are the times of large families. Increasingly, couples have fewer children and youth is becoming a scarce commodity. On the other hand, this effect on the age pyramid and elongation of the life of our elderly people makes that seniors are present as a market with great potential. Environmental concern is present at all sites. What started as a fad has become a real concern. There is no company that boasts that it has not drafted its environmental policy or to collaborate in one way or another in the salvation of the planet. The Internet has revolutionized the access to the information. We live in the information society. Everything you need to know is a single click away. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection is available practically all of universal knowledge. In addition, it is free. The consumer has the power. More information in the hands of the consumer puts this in a privileged position unknown up to this point.

Package Selection Between Classic Parquet

It would not have tried to West "ensnare" all sorts of novelties domestic consumer, in most cases customer preference for the traditional type of flooring – mosaic or, as it is called professionals – one unit. Classic is classic. Despite the fact that over time it can creak, cracks and upset the owner to change his appearance in the presence of moisture. Although experts say that this is qualitatively laid parquet behaving "decently" for quite some time. Previously, production of parquet there are strict standards.

In accordance with the GOST, domestic producers were doing the parquet boards ranging in length from 200 mm to 500 mm with 50 mm width in this case was 3, 3. 5, 4. 5, 5 and also see the different thickness of the plates. For example the company "Inex Ukr Parquet 'release of two types – 16 and a thickness of 22 mm. Mouldings are manufactured in accordance with DIN 280, and after manufacture of hand-sorted by grade Select, Natur, Rustikal, Geslr depending on the characteristics of wood (knots, Belle, sap) on the front surface of the wood flooring planks, but the modern way of life dictates its own terms, and not giving up mosaic parquet, designers offer to solve the design of the parquet floor bigger now not unusual for a manufacturer to obtain an order for custom size flooring – dies in length from 70 cm to 1 m. Naturally, the thickness of the flooring at the same anymore. A new type of stacking – "Deck" – is used in large offices, suburban homes, apartments, large-area restaurants. This parquet parquet is, perhaps, for the most expensive type of flooring. The whole "trick" is that through the use of different kinds of wood (to achieve a variety of colors), a combination of various elements and the hard work of the masters floor becomes a true work of art.