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Media Access Control

As the chapter describes the existing risks and threats in nets without wire, showing the vulnerable points, as much in the logical part as in protocols WEP and WAP, and also in the physical part that generally is left of side for the administrators more it is a crucial point in the development of one politics of solid security. In the third chapter used techniques and tools in such a way for protection as for a possible attack are mentioned. Programs are cited as the Netstumbler, that makes the analysis of traffic in a net without wire being able to identify valuable information for an attack, as the name of the net, the use of criptografia, MAC (Media Access Control) of customers, MAC of Access Point (AP) enter others. In the room and last chapter the main methods used for protection are described, as configurations of the concentrator, correct configuration of the 13 equipment customers, ways for criptografia application and generation of keys, in end, describes tools and procedures used for become a net without wire more the possible protege. 14 1 COMPUTER NETWORKS AND the STACK OF PROTOCOL TCP/IP According to Souza, (2000, p.12), computer networks are a set of devices, interconnected, capable to change information and to share resources. Generally these devices are hosts, printers or any another device capable to change given with the others we of the net. The interconnection of that if it speaks is the way of linking between these devices, that can be by means of coaxial handles, handles of tressed pairs, same optic fiber or the connection without wire, wireless.

With the computer networks the implantation of distributed systems of computation became possible. distributed systems use the net to change control information and with this it is capable to establish more flexible services of what the centered systems. It is common to classify the nets for its area of geographic abrangncia: local nets of computers also called LANs (Local Networks Area) enclose lesser areas and they do not exceed few kilometers, generally they are of one same organization and they work in high speed.

Summer Holidays

Advancing the long-awaited summer vacation. Schoolchildren will be a "sea" of free time. And it is very important that children benefit from it and had to avoid all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, during this period increases the number of accidents on the water. Only in the period from June to August 2008 on the rivers and reservoirs drowned 8 children. Dear parents! Our tips for Vasya and your children. Take time to your child, tell him about the dangers with which he may encounter while on vacation no matter where he is resting.

Water Safety Being near the water, never forget about their own safety, be very careful: – children go to bathe without adult supervision is dangerous – swim only in specially designated and equipped areas – do not apply false alarms – does not swim for the fencing and signs do not swim close to passing ships, submarines, boats – dangerous swim away, because you can not calculate their strength – if you caught the current, swim diagonally to the nearest shore – if you're in a whirlpool type more air into the lungs, dive into the water, and making a strong push to the side, comes up – when bathing not bring themselves to chill. If hypothermia can occur convulsions, respiratory arrest occur, loss of consciousness – avoid heat stroke, are not long time in the sun – it is dangerous to jump sharply or enter the water after a long stay in the sun. When cooled in water, a sharp reflex contraction of muscles, which entails the cessation of breathing – Observe drinking schedule. Discuss with your children all the well-known formula of security, which is as follows: – to anticipate the danger – as far as possible to avoid it – if necessary, to act decisively and clearly – fight to the last. Active (in all possible ways) to ask for help, and most provide it. REMINDER: – the occurrence of any emergency situation is an urgent need to call the rescue service over the telephone 01 (set by cell phone-112) – a single hotline Emergency Management Chief of Russia in the Komi Republic, 29-99-99. Ust-Kulom plot Centre gift Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Komi

Choose One Smartphone

The search of smartphones is growing very between the cellular ones. Instead of buying cellular, people start to think about one smartphone. In accordance with a research, the sales of smartphones grew in 23% (market) of 2008 for 2009. More than an operator of celualres is offering the data of smartphone. Reason that smartphone is being one of more looks for in the list of the cellular ones? In a general way, the main difference between cellular and an one smartphone is that smartphone must have the same functionalities that occupy a PDA, as agenda of commitments, access to the Internet, service of email, opening of Word archives and Excel, etc. Compare smartphones that they exist in the market of the cellular ones, are difficult when to face as much in the store, by the way, to acquire one smartphone is a relatively complex task.

These devices have many functions and also it has many details that they need to be led in account. At the same time, for that it desires to one smartphone or a cellular one, also she is necessary to consider the profile of the user who will use the device. They exist some characteristics that are definitive in the hour to buy a device as this. The things below are listed to take take care of of its advantages and limitations. For that it only needs access e-mails will have different requirements of that it needs to use smartphone for services that demand connection of more robust net. On the keyboard, this goes to depend on the profile of the user.

If you need to use smartphone more as voice and reader of e-mails can opt to devices without keyboard QWERTY. But if you will go to write e-mails and to have access the Internet, that is, to use the device more as given keyboard QWERTY is basic. Another thing on the memory card, in the truth, this is not the essential thing, but in case that you need to load many archives, I suggest that it uses the devices that have cards market standards as SD and miniSD as soon as tend to be cheaper than the proprietors as the Memory Stick of Sony. It does not think about taking a great card to load its musics and videos. Smartphones is not good measured players.


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Fol. 59.1671. (2) File COFOPRI, Carapa binder: land dispute between communities. Fol.3-5 1586. Manchiri Fol.22 titles. 1619 Titles of Division of lands of Santiago de Lucanamarca, Carapa and Guambo peoples. Fol. 12. 1551 Taulli titles. Fol. 3. 1569 (3) File COFOPRI. Title of Manchiri. Fol. 23. 1619 Taulli title. Fol. 3. 1569 (4) File COFOPRI, Carapa binder: land dispute between communities. Fol.3-5 1586. Manchiri titles. Fol.22. 1619. (5) File COFOPRI. Carapa title: land dispute between communities. 1586 Fol. 3. (6) File COFOPRI. Carapa title: land dispute between communities. 1586 Fol. 5. (7) File COFOPRI. Historical documents of Carapa. Conflict over land with the community of Sacsamarca. 1590 Fol. 12-13. The wancas inhabited the area high Andean basin where stands his ranching activities, by its vast pampas, mojadales, frigid lands where these peoples have for their livelihoods and service domestic land (flames) guanacos and vicunas and vizcachas Rams (8) and in the plain of Pallalla, Sorapampa, upa Upa, Ayani, Palpa, Urcco Court, Surihuaquiro kept raising numerous llamas and alpacas in sancos where there were important centers where they were livestock and pastoralists of the incathey still retain evidence archaeological, where there was a set of channels, debris from houses on the site of waranqa Court, which was communicated by a road linking to Huancavelica, Vilcashuaman and Cuzco. Therefore this ethnic group enjoyed certain privilege (Gonzalez 1982). On the other hand his agricultural activity was scarce, despite developing in the vicinity of the Qaracha basin, in these parts the River presents few agricultural open spaces, taking grains and seeds of maize, potatoes, geese, ollucos and quinoa, and this only sparingly for being cold Earth (9) the aimaraes are characterized by agricultural activity in production exclusively potato, ulluco, mashua, oca, quinoa and achita, local products, which stand out for the fertility of its soil only for these products, and even at the limit, with the route of the Qaracha have no domain of extensive corn lands, so that the river becomes narrower, flowing between the large buttresses, increasing their flows.

Moran Internet

The Internet as didactic tool the technological advance its influence for the area of the education also does not stop and. Today it has a variety of technological resources that are used in the similar classrooms of, to conquer the pupils or even though to assist the professors, becoming its more interesting and pleasant lessons, thus running away from the routine. Our focus, however will be come back toward the use of a specific technology that is the Internet, sufficiently used in the present time. The use of the Internet in the classroom falls again into the call multimdico processing. According to Moran (1998): The construction of the knowledge, from the multimdico process, is more ' ' livre' ' , less rigid, with opened connections more, that pass for the sensorial one, for the emotional one and the organization of the rational; a provisory organization, that if modifies with easiness, that creates instantaneous convergences and divergences, that needs instantaneous multiple processing and immediate reply. (p.148). We can say then that the Internet is one tool that uses some medias at the same time, and that thus it stimulates the pupil in the process of construction of the knowledge. The Internet also is capable to provide to this instantaneous multiple processing and this immediate reply, therefore she is linked with the world, making with that professors and pupils always follow the new information that go appearing.

In the graduation and the after-graduation the Internet, due is possible to use more the autonomy of the pupils and the easiness of access. The professor, in turn, must know its group similar to identify to which the resource most adequate to be used thus getting resulted satisfactory. For this, it must know and also know to use the available resources in the Internet well to be able to adapt them it its proposal pedagogical.

Anniversary On The Human Rights

The smaller minority on Earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, not be called defenders of minorities. Ayn Rand each increasingly is becoming more necessary to be fully identified with human rights that celebrate another anniversary on December 10, 2008, which represents, in an era in which in many countries is not respected human rights. . We believe, that there should be more dynamic in order to make more real, that respect for human rights for the sake of those who live on this planet Earth. There’s no denying that the promotion and protection of human rights has been one of the biggest concerns for the United Nations since 1945, date in which the founding countries of the Organization, agreed to prevent recurrence of the horrors of the second world war.

Without distinction of races, creeds, ages, attention must be paid to where more, ensure freedom, right to opine, to disagree and consider what has been written that note is present throughout history, the most societies only granted rights to a few fortunate. In the 18th century, in Europe, arose the concept of natural law, based on a universal order that defined those rights for all. That philosophy had a huge impact on United States revolution in 1776 and the concepts enshrined in the Constitution of the country, which is still today the document governing particularly the American right. The truth, that in all civilized nations will make attempts to define and strengthen human rights. The essence of this concept is the same everywhere: human rights are those that everyone has for the simple fact of being human; they are universal and equal rights. Furthermore, human rights are inalienable. They may be suspended in certain moments, whether rightly or wrongly, but the idea of these inherent rights can not be suppressed. No one may lose these rights, for the same reason that can not stop human beings.

Samsung GT Video

It is not hard to guess from the model name, the phone provides file storage on a solid 8 GB. All this allows to easily store and play unconverted video in HD quality. The camera and video camera attached Samsung Omnia HD supports 8 GB record in the contest photo. He carries a 8-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor, autofocus and LED flash. In the viewfinder on the left and right side screen displays virtual buttons to access the main settings. This allows you to conveniently adjust mode pictures in one touch. The photo quality is excellent, to the best camera phones on the market.

A video recording is possible even in HD! Not for nothing that appears in the title of this abbreviation. Becomes clear why now make video cameras. A huge arsenal of advanced features Samsung Omnia HD 8910 I 8GB is equipped with all modern facilities to maintain uninterrupted communications network. At your disposal is Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g), EDGE and 3G data transfer protocols. In addition to the stack memory on board, the phone supports microSD memory cards of unlimited size.

If you love to travel, you will appreciate the GPS receiver. To navigate using just two software packages: Route66 and Google Maps, with maps already are included. For connoisseurs of music in store standard 3.5 mm audio jack. There's even a video out HDMI, so you can use the device as a video player. Quite a bonus is an electronic compass and, of course, FM-radio. Quality: Before you purchase on request can send instructions. We only sell quality product class 'AA'. You can be confident in the quality of our products. On each product's warranty + assistance in equipment installation. We are authorized dealer of such companies as: MobileAction, GOOOD, X3, GPRScable, Mobidick, Transcend, Sony. Warranty for Cell Phone Samsung GT-i8910 Omnia HD 8GB on each product's warranty. You can always consult our support team on connecting and configuring the purchased equipment. During the warranty you can free download and update software, which sends our online store. Through our service center, you can set different software: programs, games, pictures, ringtones, themes for Samsung GT-i8910 Omnia HD 8GB. Also in our service center has a set of GPRS settings for different operators.


Learning and training NLP has two main areas of application: how we communicate with others and how communicate us with ourselves with training in NLP learn to establish rapport (tuning) with the majority of the people, to make us flexible in communication and effective use of language (verbal and non-verbal or body). We learn to deal with conflicts and solve them learning to focus on the NLP solutions focuses indeed on solutions and not on problems. Even with some NLP techniques can work with our inner conflicts that sometimes keep us in a State of indecision and internal division, especially when there are two internal parties with opposing interests. We learn with the Neurolinguistic programming to discover and use our internal resources (trust, safety, competition, inner peace, motivation, health, abundance, etc), to discover our strategies (of excellence, creativity, good memory, etc), to work with our beliefs and other levels of growth and learning, and we are more aware of how our brain reads, decrypts, encodes our experience which is peculiar to each, that is subjective. Anyone who wants to improve their lives and develop understanding and awareness of how to develop and increase its potential, can benefit from the neuro-linguistic programming. Also anyone who wants to explore new tools and communication models can also benefit the practice of NLP. It is encouraged, to have curiosity and desire to experience as proposed by the NLP you should know that the reward is very large: greater understanding, emotional freedom, ultimately a better quality of life! Starts today same to train yourself and improve your life by applying NLP you subscribe to our website and get two free E-Books with techniques of NLP and an Extra gift! Original author and source of the article.

Professional Site

With this you can save time and money, and as a result of a site that meets all your requirements. Despite the fact that more and more people use broadband Internet, many people still access the Internet through a telephone line. And someone else can enjoy high-speed wireless connection, whose rate depends on the number of users at any one time is an important time for any site – do not miss the moment when the profits from the site begins to decline. At this time, it is necessary that the redesign of the site. After Professional website redesign profit increases. Redesign of the site should not be a one-time action, but must be constantly progressing.

Only with the help of a professional effort, time and cost developed competitive corporate websites that will provide guaranteed income to their owners. All that is needed – a little planning, a small accommodation, a little strategy and a lot of team work. Functional expansion – is adding new software modules, as well as existing cms (content management system), or the development of a new, if the current does not cope with the challenges before it delivered. Many publications can not be correctly interpreted without photos. Photographers of Ingate happy to help create your own original photographs for your web resource. The largest bank in the number of such 'Conservative' – the Savings Bank of Russia. The Bank has long had a reputation for reliable and stable, mostly due to public status.

Kind of stability can be traced in the shape of the bank's website. Experts say that that a site redesign is required every 2-3 years for conventional web projects and each year for projects in the field of electronic commerce. In this period there are completely new technologies and capabilities to implement them. After this time required to complete overhauls or repairs. Very often the need to redesign sites whose owner is planning to actively promote them in the search engines or use a serious marketing and promotions campaigns. Effective way to get the project to bring maximum benefit – it is a site redesign. Thus, quite cheap by service redesign web site you can get a well-organized online portal and the opportunity to receive good profit from it. Current opportunities, new effects, effektinye solutions

Operating Rules Of Rowing And Motor Boats

gift Udora site warns about the proper use of propeller and engine Boat rowing and motor boats (boats) – one of the favorite recreation of many people, especially children. But always remember that driving on any floating facilities require strict compliance with rules and security measures, violation of which can lead to accidents. Before heading out on a rubber or a rowboat for a walk or journey, we must make sure that the case does not pass water, oars and oarlocks operable, it should be life saving equipment and scoop for water pumping. Security measures for possible dangerous situations: – when landing in a boat or stand on the deck and seating – while driving put his hands over the side – do not overload the boat – not to sit on boards, do not move from place to place and change to other boats and boats – not to dive from a boat; – not to take a child under 7 years old – can not use the boat for children up to age 16 without adult supervision – you can not swim at night and in fog, because you can not see obstacles, losing orientation, "not to ride near the locks, dams, stop in the immediate vicinity of the bridge or under them, to cross the course of walking the ship. When passing a boat beaches and places of mass bathing on the row to be especially careful not to hit a paddle, or bathing not collide with it. You always have to remember that the weather is changing waters relatively quickly.

In a short period of time when severe storms can change the wave regime. With great excitement to the boat's nose "to cut wave. Can not be put aboard the twin wave, because boat in such a situation can not just lurch, but also capsize. If you witness an accident, try to first quickly review the situation, so that your help was fast and efficient. Approach to drowning in good weather to the shortest path. By wind or agitation should be approached from the leeward side of or against the wave.

With direct approximation to the drowning should be particularly careful not to hit him with an oar or housing. To lift the victim out of the water is recommended to the nose or stern (otherwise you can roll over). Everyone should know adopted by the courts procedure for notifying the fall of man overboard – serve three beeps lasting from 4 to 6 seconds. Riding on motor boats (boats) children are permitted only under the supervision of adults. To use a motorized boats and motor boats are allowed persons who have special rights to independently manage boats. During their operation and "rules", and security measures are mostly similar, as when riding a paddle boats. However, it must be remembered that due to the high rate of movement of the number of accidents in a collision with them much longer, and typical violations of safety measures and rules of operation are: – float on proper vessel – the excess of the norms of passenger and cargo capacity – navigating life and status of configuration – management in a drunken state – the presence on board a passenger in a drunken state – transportation of children under 16 years old without adult supervision, constantly controlling their behavior.