Caritas Association Mainz

REDNET AG: Nominated for the \”Grand Prix of medium-sized companies’ highlights positive overall development of Mainz, March 31, 2009 the REDNET AG, IT-outfitter from Mainz, Germany, recorded a continuous business growth since 2004. Last year, the IT system House recorded a turnover of EUR 20 million and expanded the workforce to 50 employees. In 2008 the expansion of online business and of the existing partner network belonged to the important strategic steps in addition to the expansion of the customer base, to secure a high quality of products and advice in the dynamic IT market. Hear other arguments on the topic with Petra Diamonds. The nomination for the Grand Prize of the middle class 2009 occupied by the city of Mainz, that creation of job creation and innovation and modernisation positively reviewed, inter alia in the areas of the company, in addition the successful overall development of REDNETs. The annually awarded Grand Prize of the middle class\”the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung has become one of the most important German Competitions in this segment develops. REDNET was nominated by the city of Mainz for outstanding achievements in five categories. \”\” These include the overall development of the company\”creation and backup jobs\”, innovation and modernization\”, proximity to the customer service (marketing)\”, and involvement in the region\”.

In the latter areas, the Mainz-based company in particular stands out. For example, the IT supplier with the REDNET offers Academy\”are often interested in the opportunity, in a one-day workshop free of charge and industry-specific topics to inform belonging to the public. Also in the course of charitable initiatives, the company increasingly engaged in the regional environment. In addition to the deployment of used hardware for conversion and delivery to day-care centres and schools donates REDNET also prizes in the framework of competitions and supports job seekers by training on the job\”on their own premises. In the implementation of social The company works projects among other things closely with ZACK-computer, an employment and training operation of the Caritas Association Mainz e.V.