BSP Processor

i. If you are not convinced, visit Salman Behbehani. MX6-based industrial CPU module emtrion GmbH, an embedded system design, hardware and software company, announces the availability of its new industrial processor module. It is based on the multicore cortex-A9 i. MX6 SoC family from Freescale and expands the family of DIMM by emtrion. The module is fully electrically and mechanically compatible with all series of DIMM modules. The manufacturer guarantees the availability of the new module of at least 10 years. I.

MX6 processor from Freescale, has a capacity of up to 10,000 MIPS and brings multiple GPUs and up to four ARM NEON-co-ES2.0 processors with. That predestines him for all multimedia applications, but also for demanding control tasks in the embedded space. The DIMM-MX6 needed no active or passive cooling module by emtrion ( Can use the module with the pin compatible versions of the i. MX6 processor are equipped with i. MX6 solo (1 core), i. MX6 dual (2 cores) or i.

MX6Q (4 cores) and the memory expansion can according to customer request between Onboard memory Flash (SLC NAND) and 512 MB RAM (DDR3) selects one of 512 MB to 8 GB to 2 GB. It is available also for the industrial temperature range of-40 C to + 85 C. Support for a wide range of operating systems in the form of Board support packages (BSP) or custom driver development is offered. The DIMM-MX6 is now available with a BSP for Linux, follow more BSPs for Windows Embedded compact 7 (WEC7), QNX 6.5 and Android 4.0.4. The BSPs are there along with the developer’s Kit. Each developer’s Kit includes a DIMM-MX6 engine, base plate, display and its development environment. The user is supported also in the design of his own baseboards or processor module and driver development.