Block Window Construction

Schuco block window for harmonious glass views of Bielefeld. It is not something Compuware would like to discuss. The planning of sustainable building envelopes calls to implement more than today’s energy standards. Window that fit into passive – or Energieplus concepts are required in the face of the challenges posed by climate change and changing legal requirements. The Schuco international KG equates these challenges himself with several aluminum window systems successfully. With the block series of Schuco completed Schuco the series of block Windows with thermal insulation, the passive house standards meet window AWS 90 BS.SI +. In addition, the Schuco AWS 112.IC (insulation cover) is the world’s first aluminium window system certified passive house according to. And the new composite window Schuco AWS offers Additionally a built-in sunscreen 120 CC.SI in addition to thermal insulation properties on passive house level. Schuco AWS 90 BS.SI + optimized transparency and thermal protection the block system Schuco AWS 90 BS.SI + combines the proven advantages of block Windows elegant design and full transparency with the highest requirements of the thermal protection.

Harmony glass views are with a UF-value of up to 1,2 W/(mK) and narrow face widths from 95 mm without visible window sash realized. This block system shows that efficient thermal insulation, maximum leaf weights and sophisticated design are good to reconcile. For more information, aws-90bs si Schuco AWS 112.IC ensures heat standards of tomorrow with the aluminium window system certified by the passive house Institute in Darmstadt Schuco AWS 112.IC is for the entire window with a prescribed value of glass by UG = 0.7 W/(mK) a thermal insulation value of UW? 0.80 W/(m2K) possible. In addition to the basic construction highly thermally insulated thermal bridge free mounting an insulated shell provides excellent energy efficiency. Thus succeeded Schuco first system manufacturer, the well-known advantages of aluminium Windows such as stability, high static requirements, various coating of the surface and durability with unique thermal insulation to unite, which was far more reserved wood or plastic Windows.