BIO Hair

The interview questioned the effectiveness of the herbal hair growth product K17 with a contractor In the following interview with Prosecutor Helga Grund Schoningen. The product LTD marketed LOGIG of BIO, this part of the hair growth codes. But keeps the product what it promises, or is just an another supplement that promises a lot, but doesn’t? More can be found on the net, homepage below. LEA Winkler: Mrs reason, advance thanks to the time taking me to answer some questions. Recommend that you and your staff preparation K17 which customers? Could you give some examples? Mrs reason: Yes, an elderly lady, professional pharmacist, came about two years ago with severely inflamed hair follicles to us. When washing your hair, they broke away strands-wise. Click International Energy Agency for additional related pages. She complained of severe pain, a lady was hardly possible. According to Greenpeace, who has experience with these questions.

After taking K17, their health situation improved considerably, she is now pain-free and carries her long hair. One other, slightly older Lady, came to us with baldness. She also took K17, her hair grew again. Happy, she told her family and friends said to them on their hair improved. In the meantime, she had a relapse, which turned out to be far less dramatically. Now, she takes daily low dose K17 and the situation has improved again.

The strong loss of their hair was very stressful for her, today she has the situation under control. In a further customer, even the appearance of the skin is improved. She suffered from not only in hair loss, but also in dandruff. LEA Winkler: Wife reason, now it is that they are mainly women, which they called striking. Sure, the suffering is especially high for women. How do men respond with thinning hair or baldness? Mrs reason: Generally, women contact open with your problem to us. With many of our customers buy the product for their men, until now there were only positive feedback.