Big Crunch

And these laws marked an order to organize and understand a particular phenomenon or a logical process as well. But this fictional universe that we create is a subset of a domain that we barely know: El Universo. And that universe has go to you know how many laws; How many different space and time variables that, if there are, we don’t know. Something for being so large and unlimited to our everyday perception is impossible know completely (even up to the science itself, but not so much for science fiction, since its speculative limits are reduced to our imagination, and I’ll give you to know onwards) and admit it-, maybe never in the existence of our social universe can give you certainty and description. But that great honor that some men carry in each photon of his soul did we sobrepasemos the limits of nature and imagination. Hear from experts in the field like Moodys for a more varied view.

And I personally, I understand your feeling. Is that the universe is like a melody in construction that will compose the man. And it is not because we have the scores in our minds, but we well know the frequencies of the past; This is our starting point to know note is which is followed by what we know it at present. You could say that our goal is to discover the last note of the universe, to thus be able to fully understand and contemplate its beautiful harmony in its entirety. And whether that last note is God or the Big Crunch, we must recognize that we do not know on that note we are. Then we enter the realm of science fiction, since sometimes you can anticipate a note, although on occasions it was wrong of instrument. Science fiction, which was called it literature in advance, is undoubtedly a map that helps Science find the different possible paths to our intellectual, technological and even social advancement (framing me in her soft for this latter aspect subdivision).