Beautiful Teeth Without Drilling And Grinding

Bochum dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer is many reasons to undergo an aesthetic dental treatment as one of the first certified there is discolored teeth, teeth, broken corners or crooked teeth in Germany for the LUMINEERS. A solution available, with which we can solve the multiple optical problems of the patient is finally with the LUMINEERS. The Bochum-based dentist and master of science Implantologie explains, completely without pain”, Dr. Jorn Thiemer. The solution is very simple.

The veneers have long been known (covers) were developed in the United States thanks to newest materials research and only as thin as a contact lens. This offers us”of course opportunities, the experienced dentist who is certified as one of the first in Germany for the use of the LUMINEERS is pleased. The LUMINEERS are a new patented squeezed or layered ceramic. In contrast to other veneers is here in the most Cases required no painful removal of sensitive tooth structure. With LUMINEERS for example permanently stained, chipped off, discolored, or misaligned teeth can be covered perfectly”, explains Dr. Jorn Thiemer some applications. The novel material suitable even old crowns and bridges to treat, make them look like new again.”the treatment is completely painless, it is not drilled and syringes are not necessary. Therefore the process is also ideal for timid or sensitive patients”, says the dentist.

The LUMINEERS are bonded with a special process firmly and are at all not to notice to the biting and eating. The procedure is so mature that we five years guarantee on the LUMINEERS. In clinical tests even a durability has been proven by 20 years”stresses Dr. Jorn Thiemer. The desire for beautiful teeth up to reality, it takes only two or three sessions. After an individual consultation is a Fingerprint taken and sent in the United States for production. Then, the patient can control the outcome, before Dr. Jorn Thiemer determine the LUMINEERS. We are very happy to be able to offer our patients this innovative solution”, explains the dentist specializing in his practice for a long time on aesthetic concepts. Thus, patients before the treatment in a computer simulation, for example, can see how bright their smile may be later. Interested parties can obtain advice without obligation in practice.