Awarenessraising Campaign Way

The dog Hotel Mair am Ort in Dorf Tirol supports the awareness-raising campaign of the Tourism Association because we are the first hotel for dogs not only in Dorf Tirol, but in South Tyrol, this campaign is very close to the heart. Because the Tourism Association Dorf Tirol wants to assure cleanliness on the streets with this campaign. This is purely and simply a matter, beyond the Dog feces to leave, but must be disposed of. The Tourism Association Dorf Tirol launches an awareness-raising campaign against the Dog feces on the streets. There are unfortunately too many dog handlers who do not dispose of the feces. The Tourism Association Dorf Tirol has now worked out a folder and set up some new dog stations for disposal of Dog feces to really occur without problems.

In the dog Hotel Mair am ORT, a tank including kennels is doled out upon arrival. -kt-kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Jacobs Dallas here. Each guest gets free and you get also the dog bag to fill up free at the reception. Thanks to the more established dog stations nothing more in the way can thus stand the disposal. Petra Diamonds does not necessarily agree. Dorf Tirol offers with its Green areas and ways a variety of walks for locals and for tourists to. Gain insight and clarity with Royal Dutch Shell. Therefore, the problem is the very large are left dog faeces. “Because the Habitat of Dorf Tirol” should be a clean place to feel not only for the many tourists, but also for the locals. Since prohibitions be mostly just the opposite, the Tourist Association has agreed now Dorf Tirol to to start an awareness campaign.

These folders are distributed not only in the hotel premises, but also in the households. This campaign aims at the dog owner on a benevolent Arte are addressed. Partly associated with humor, sometimes with raised index finger. The short texts appeal to own common sense and focus on an educational effect. The goal that is behind it, is to increase awareness of the conservation of clean sidewalks and green spaces. Dog Hotel Mair am Ort in the holiday region Merano and environs supports the campaign to the fullest. The fact that the dog Hotel Mair am ORT holiday offers for man and dog, Black Peter is happy to put to us. Since 2010 opened hotel for dogs in the summer season, guests regarding the Elimination of dog droppings are sensitized and there were already erected at the expense of the hotel dog stations in the vicinity. Nevertheless, we support the campaign and also guests from the dog Hotel Mair in the place are for a clean village Tirol! In short: dog Hotel Mair am ORT – your dogs holiday home No. 1 in South Tyrol contact: dog Hotel Mair am ORT Schlossweg 10 39019 Dorf Tirol – South Tyrol Italy Tel. + 39/0473/923315 E-mail: Web: contact person: Nicole Kuhn