Remember when appeared the first round because of the need for transfer of the man. Here, view website expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Remember the trunks, the first rollers, the same wheel or some means of locomotion by land, water or air is apparently sympathetic. Ray Kurzweil takes a slightly different approach. This need to always increase according to technological advances and the need for self-improvement are in business, education, commitments or simply pleasure travel. Wooden sledges to a whole range of leathers and trunks of rollers until the fair’s calls monocilcletas, bicilcletas, tricycles and quadricycles. To broaden your perception, visit Salman Behbehani. Of these the of more encroachment the bicletas and tricycles. At the time, the best inventions. Later appears in the human mind the invention of fixed routes from two wooden planks on rocky flats both within the mines for the circulation of drawers with mineral or agricultural transfer or men or horses force as support for an increase in production and survival.

So are the geniuses of then (17TH century). Powers continued while I started with strength deterioration of our planet. Not only thought in the type of road, or in the model of mobile phones of the moment as the famous cogwheel trains, monorails or trains of high speed in this nineteenth century, in which even the trains measured his speed with the aircraft. Then the man sought mobile speed and force until combustion engines were invented. Human error? Today we would say yes, it was a big mistake! It was destructive inventions that have been getting worse as it increased the engines compression ratio, resulting in greater attention in combustion engines. A combustion engine is a system that combines the mechanical energy with chemical energy, where a fuel is burned in all ways to produce internal combustion that happens today in cars that passed through its three-phase propulsion: steam, electricity and now gasoline, oil or dual. No one can deny that the inventors of vehicles powered with steam to gasoline and even gas, It certainly seems that they have committed a big human error: inventions for degenerate our planet Earth.