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Acting as a Team

6. Low skill players – the players have learned to cover up each other, trying to act as a team, shooting skill (!) Soobrazhalki (!) And everything was much higher than it was. For by the fact that the game began with more advanced players. Then follows a middle skill, hiskill, pro. All this is very relative))) but the general idea, I hope, will carry into the heads of those who will read the article. A general idea is as follows. To distinguish the play well Rights of the cheater, you need to be on the very good level. And it is always advisable to be adequate, not inflated opinion of their abilities and skills.

This step (high self-esteem) are almost everything. Man sees that host on the server it is one of the best, but it still does not know what in fact is the players … especially those newly made famous clans of the students. The script is the same. Going to another "Pro-duper-mega-clan ', make govnosayt on yukoze, write "stuff to us CW!!! (Clanwar, Game 5 on 5).

Open your server. Since CW assign them no rush, gaining his opponents in their number those who accidentally dropped them on the server. And play. What is natural – win. And then write on your website, "we spent over 40 kV, we have 38 wins and 1 draw. Funny? )) I, too, I saw a dozen of these clans. Most found their site after the accident came to him for serv, played 5 minutes and flew away in the bank with cause cheater. And I – low skill player =. They have experienced players have not met. Well, at the end of a few facts, observations. – More than 50% of the charges of cheating, yelling "you WH! Cheats off, it in my head through a wall kill – ban him" and so on – is dull and mindless trolling. Many are well aware that no man is cheater, but write it. Whether to annoy the enemy, or order to reassure themselves. – Very often the real cheaters with wh, rush to accuse others of like that. Since More than 90 percent of this total vhashnikov Nuba, they have no idea how they both might have noticed, or how well they shot. And they start yelling in anger – in fact as well go: "I have a cheat, but he will still kill me over and over again, then he cheater and he cheat steeper and it is no secret, is not afraid. And I'm so smart so cautious me no one slept. And it starts. "You cheat off fast … GL and HF! Do not be a meat, do not use cheats! Finish it. Be calm. Do not rush to conclusions, never. Especially if you have not had experience playing in a team, and always played only to the "meat". Yes, sometimes BX Schnick immediately clear. If he can barely shoot, running stupid, crooked throws a grenade, but it aims at the wall and shoot in advance – before your next noob-cheater. But, if it's not as if you just can not understand this gamer – let the findings of his game resultant experienced admin. To be an admin – this is also a skill and it is not sold immediately. On this, my mission done, go to rest, gl & hf, play farsh go meat!


But the effect of the depreciation of the good death, on the calm consideration of mortality Average Age is opposed it, of a pursued life; that the mercy could have less favorable effect; it distresses moving away it of the physical death, risking well-to be occurred, and forgetting it Metaphysical direction mortality, if differentiating the incredulity, the society starts to think about the terrena life, in way none thinking about dying. Thus, express the man of the Ocidente, reacting to a collective sensitivity ahead of the life and the death a pertaining medieval feeling to a history of the global culture. The death is an element or loaded code for the man in its traditions and experiences, that must be deciphered for compression. To substitute the death for general mortality, wants to say, the feeling of death, intent in the reality history, being diluted in the entire mass of the lost life and in its intensity. The distanciamento of a death that remains, always next, promotes a progress in the end of century XVII and mainly in the second half of century XVIII, in the desire to simplify the things of the death, with certainty to disclose tense of the nothing, differentiating the death of the deceased, and this means the abandonment natural of the bodies. However she perceives yourself that the people in century XVIII go to write wills, where consisted its will after deceased; modestly they had left written, messages, desires and norms Christian funerals. The abandonment to the executor executor will move and sensible in the end of century XVIII, which was perceived only in the literal readings left; now it passes of a will of unfastening to an affectionate reliable witness the unfastening will not being, by the way, necessarily excluded. But we cannot forget that, exactly the death, becoming complex and spread out in history man, notices the social or ritual character to it, the obligator character of the manifestations that it originarily intended to express the pain of the homesickness, the dilaceramento of a separation; is truth that the trends the ritualizao the death is well old, initiating in the Average Age with the priests, monges begging, later, confrades and the priests had taken the place to the family and the friends in pranto in the house, cortejo and the church; strengthened the impersonalidade and the ritualismos.

Proactive Management

The only difference between useless wisdom of folly in giving a lot more work. Proverb complement these notes, considering a few issues that need to be taken into account by the current management, especially to the great challenges, changes constantly argue that the scenario in which companies operate, organizations Letters aims to identify the modern role that management must take into account in their management and give way to actions, programs, strategies that favor the business under their charge. Of course, we are fully aware that there were other relevant, that would expose them to the reader, to consider them according to their experience and research, also taking into account the characteristics, needs of the scenarios in which they operate.

The fall in production and sales of the industry, particularly the automotive sector, has provoked a substantial reduction in human resources, many companies and industrial companies including major corporations and groups. Globalization shaping forces active in mobilizing the business large or powerful transnational groups, such as economic reality, is a phenomenon without discussion, but not a development model or system, for around disputes still poses the most qualified Discussion scenarios and strategies, without thereby is able to decrease even one iota of its virtual growth, in other words, economic globalization or internationalization is a fact to which we must move forward, to take advantage of its benefits or to fight in its perversions and fortunately there are pointing, eyes and actions of Latin American countries. .

Virtual Library

" It has been a continuing interest of the Cuban state of ICT development for since the 60s of last century are beginning to enter the first minicomputers and begins to train the professionals. Despite having prepared human resources before, Cuba came late to the Internet, as a result of the U.S. blockade that prevented us from 1996 until full access to the network of networks dominated by them. It can ensure that in recent years, the Computer has been growing segments in social and economic affairs of our country and example is the following: 1 Five years ago we had just over 150 thousand computers. Today it is estimated more than 300 000 and its increase is not stopped.

The domains, which total over 1200 alone. Cu, with over 1500 websites, users 790 000 150 000 e-mail and Internet. The Health Telematic Network, INFOMED, offers services Virtual University, Virtual Library, Telemedicine Network, access to specialized databases and email. We have computers equipped with 100% of primary schools, secondary and pre-university with benefiting more than 2 million students and over 12 thousand education centers. We create the infrastructure needed to connect to the network in a first stage 16 of the country's higher pedagogical institutes, and the latter with its 199 local offices It is available, 107 educational software applications for different levels of education and working in a hundred new titles. The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), which prepares highly skilled workforce to develop essentially the computerization of health, Cuban education, and production of software.


DEGRADATION of employment I thought that over time my sentences would be eventually and will grow as the hours of the day. Augusto Ferran. THE DECEPTIONS of the productivity the old notion of labour force is blurring to be replaced by the intelligence of work. There are few new jobs that require strength or endurance and many more which require dose increasing intelligence, even if it is only the elemental establish relationships between stimuli and responses or know distinguish or compare. What we call productivity means many times the replacement of the first by the second form of work. The problem is that, for now, to higher productivity, more people on the street. Reconvert it will be difficult. Who can believe now in the conversions? Productivity is an idea designed in the interest of organizations, i.e., an ideology.

Now everyone knows that the entrepreneur has no mission create jobs, but to accumulate the maximum benefit with the fewest number of jobs. However, continue to impose euphemistic expressions, as employment regulations, which means reducing the staff of a company without greater efforts and that decrease the production. The current development that produces is a more diversified structure of jobs, many of them aside from any organization and even outside the control of the State. The politicians continue with their promises to create jobs, but what they do is help reduce that there is. It is curious what they call programs in the fight against unemployment is resolved with legal gadgets for adapted forms of work to different types of concealment, or what is the same is wide range of precarious contracts. The landscape favorable for entrepreneurs from the point of view of the flexible framework for hiring is completed blasted in subsidies, tax breaks and subsidies they received from different sources.

The number of aid that an entrepreneur can receive when making one is incalculable recruitment. Regardless of the social costs that this causes, with this type of measures that is being achieved is to be extended between entrepreneurship the idea that any engagement must be necessarily accompanied by a financial subsidy, in such a way that if they do not receive money do not hire. In a short time, by effect of tremendous insecurity existing recruitment and termination of contracts, has been significantly reduced the proportion of workers with permanent contract on the total employed population. Not let be a sarcasm that endemic unemployment uncover the Horn of plenty for the companies. Rarely the Spanish economy has been so protected by the mantle of purple and even less have been the times that a Government has done so much to enrich the rich. And is that, as the poet said: everything that is happening / is what I feared I / and I was figuring. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice.

Managing Director

Business Angel received a State subsidy (investment subsidy venture capital – IVZ) by 20 percent on invested capital Sankt Augustin in a direct company involvement from 10,000 euros, 23.01.2014 – the innovative startup company microseeds24 UG (haftungsbeschrankt) in Sankt Augustin near Bonn ( was registered in the IVZ directory of the business angel network Germany (BAND) ( microseeds24-ug limited liability /). The IVZ directory contains all German enterprises, which were recognized by the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA) with public notice as eligible public and search for a participation by business angels. microseeds24 had the BAFABescheinigung to the 15.01.2014 (conveyor number: WKU-30681) get. Now a direct investment for business angel in the young company is possible. Strategic investors receive a State subsidy with a direct corporate participation from 10,000 euros (sog.

(Venture capital investment subsidy”IVZ) by 20 percent on invested capital. microseeds24 searches for the other marketplaces and developing of the Crowdfinancing offer a total a capital volume of 150,000 euros. A part of the capital requirement was already collected by the currently ongoing Crowdinvesting via the online platform in the Internet, however, we are preferred from the environment IT / Internet, communication, social marketing or finance to strategic investor after a committed, appropriate, and for the field matching the search,”the Managing Director of the first end of 2013 newly founded startup companies, Dipl. kfm. Thomas Matzke, performs. In the case of a direct participation in microseeds24, the promotion in favor of a strategic investor or business angels for the whole capital of the company amounting to EUR 150,000 at least includes 30,000 euros, i.e., the net capital investment of the investor for the participation in the full amount is under consideration of the grant only 120,000 euros the affects of course significantly yield considering the participation amount”, more so Matzke. The investment grant of venture capital (IVZ) will be awarded at the request of the respective investor after testing and compliance with the guidelines of the ACFA immediately after realization of participation and verification of the required documents.

Association VdK Germany

Topics about living in the age, health and care, disability, employment, family and generations are the focus for approximately three years the video platform among the largest information portals under the non-profit organisations in Germany. The audiovisual Forum of the Association has established itself as a major news source for members like at those interested in journalism, politics and society. “The success is recognized among communications experts: vdktv was 2013 among the nominees for the German Award for online communication”. With more than 300,000 video get a year, vdktv deals with current social, political and legal issues. A professional team takes up tales of leisure, sports and the diverse life of VdK members. offers a special service for people with hearing impairment: a subtitle offer for the approximately 14 million patients in Germany. The social Association VdK Germany a pioneer here too and always wins as a medium for Social Web more on profile. If you would like more information about our information service on the net and our topics, then we appreciate your feedback. Steffen Westermann

Event Industry Social Networks

amiando, event management software for online event registration and ticketing today published the third social media & events report. Munich 14 August 2013 which report has established itself in recent years to a required reading for event organisers and is regarded as important source of information on the topic of social media in the event industry. So, both previous report were downloaded over 10,000 times each. Particularly interesting are the developments and trends of social media in the event industry, as well as the comparison of survey results by 2013 with the data of the previous year. In addition, the report contains valuable and easily actionable tips for the effective use of social networks, with whose help event organisers their marketing strategies on the Web can improve.

Free download: of official Hashtag for Twitter: #SMER13 here just a few of the key facts that we could work out from the survey results: fact 1: social media is still an important marketing tool Organizer to reinforce measures in the marketing of events always still on social media. This is to derive that over 80% of the organizers this year want to exacerbate their social media activities. The most popular channels which are Facebook, Twitter, XING and LinkedIn. Fact 2: Trust in social media marketing the confidence in the potential of social media marketing has this year increased. Had in the year 2012 still three-quarters the organizers planned to expand its activities in the future, plan to intensify their efforts above 80% this year. A large part of the organizers, who have taken social media activities in the previous year, is pleased with the results. Fact 3: Increase awareness of event as the main objective the main objectives of the social media activities are still the increase in awareness of the individual events and the entire brand. Achieved their goals here just under half (44%), which corresponds to a 76% stake in the operator to these objectives have used.

Event organizers had the same objectives in 2012. About amiando, our mission is to provide, which helps them to achieve the greatest possible success for your event organisers with a professional platform. By the own online Ticketshop on specific event marketing to a secure payment processing amiando the best offers tools for a successful organization of the event. Worldwide more than 180,000 conferences, seminars and corporate events amiando already use. As industry expert, the amiando team supports you in all topics related to online ticketing and event registration. Amiando is a wholly owned subsidiary of XING AG and part of the business unit XING events since January 2011. The close linking of amiando and XING, the social network for professional contacts, event organizers have the ability to achieve in addition over 13 million potential subscribers worldwide.

Available Government

WiMax-Wikipdia, free encyclopedia 5.2 Advantages? It diminishes infrastructure costs of broad band for connection with the final user (last mile). It must have a great acceptance for users still more, following the Wi-Fi technology (IEEE 802,11) and diminishing the costs of the technology; It will make possible, according to specification, high data-communication taxes; It will make possible the creation of a net of covering of connection of similar Internet to the one of cellular covering, allowing access to the same Internet in movement; It exists ample support of the development and improvement of this technology on the part of the industry. 5.3Contras? In the tests currently carried through one revealed as great frustration how much to the transmission tax; Although the many initiatives and research, this technology still has a period of maturation to be reached; It can, in some countries, to have overlapping of use of frequency with some existing service already; In some countries the technology already was made impracticable had to one specific politics for protection of the capital investment (CAPEX), already carried through with licenses of the technology of mobile telephony UMTS. In the higher bands of frequency the interferences for rain exist limitations how much, causing reduction of taxes of transferences and the rays of covering. WiMax-Wikipdia, free encyclopedia 5.4 Wi-MAX availability uses permitted Rdio Freqncia (RF) specter, that supplies protection against not authorized accesses, in certain measure. Existemferramentas available that is of easy use for the jamming doespectro of planned Wi-MAX implementations.

Together with the physical layer, attacks denial of service, intruders can use management legacy frames to paradesligar legitimate connections of net. 6 CONCLUSION As the advance of the nets without-wire is a inescapvel reality. Some companies and institutions possess its bases wireless for connection delap-tops in local net. One expects that the Wi-Max technology starts the serincorporada one to notebooks and PDAs already in 2006. Some companies esteem that at2009 will have 4,4 million people using voice on Wi-Max. Brazil is dandoum important step when implanting the Wi-Max technology in Ouro Preto. Astecnologias without-wire can assist the country in the acceleration of inclusodigital projects, mainly in devoid regions of National Net of Ensinoe searches.

Natural Rubber – A Product Of The Future

The technology of production and processing of natural rubber invented before plastics were developed. Previously, natural rubber is obtained only in the countries of South America. Natural rubber production started in industrial scale by the mid 19 th century. Processing of natural rubber in the material used for technical purposes, was made possible in 1839 when an American scientist Goodyear laid the foundations for the process of vulcanization. Earlier, in 1827 British scientist Hitchcock found that natural rubber with proper machining loses a high viscosity and low processability. Softening process in the processing of rubber on rollers it is called mastication.

In the early 19 th century was opened Ebonite. The rapid development of technology led to extensive use of rubber in such fields as electrical engineering, as a great insulation. Developing automotive industry experienced a need for a rubber pneumatic tires. Constantly growing demand for automobile tires were subsequently transferred to the tires for airplanes. A special method of manufacture rubber compounds is to use a large percentage of natural rubber, kremnezita that delivers remarkable quality and level of consumer properties of the products. Formed in the late 20 century, the possibility of rubber production by synthesis, restricted the use of natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is a product of polymerization.

Used in the manufacture of tires as a substitute natural rubber or a mixture of them. In the following years the development of industrial and technological processes, thus making the synthesis of rubber on an industrial scale. Now expand resource base and further improvement of the most important feedstock for rubber production is one of the most important tasks. For many of the characteristics of synthetic rubber is not inferior to natural and even partially superior to him. It is produced in much larger quantities than natural.