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Valentina Jose

Among his more memorable students are Angel Mercado, Plinio Lopez, Luis Cardona and Rafael Ceballos Sierra, although according to his own words to me all my students of all ages are very important. Of the Rodolfo Morales was transferred to Jose Domingo Boscan and later to the school Lomafresca where would act as principal for several years until the date of his retirement through the front door in 2007. Still remember fondly his way through school Rodolfo Morales, because there he had his first professional experience and also because in it she met Professor Jose neck Herrera, the man in your life, whom he married and started his family and who had his sons Jose de los Reyes, Gabriel Joseph, Elfa Liliana and Antero Jose. With them he has shared difficult and pleasant moments at his residence of 7th Street in the Santander neighborhood, emblematic place in the sector and which you can be reached even if the location. It is only necessary ask the first one find where he lives the Elfa breast and immediately inform a casa grande wide and generous as the heart of his owner, who currently enjoy your leisure time in pleasant conversation with neighbors, the delicious talk with everyone who wants to visit her and care for her granddaughter Valentina, you new girl of his dreams. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.

Management Science

General, basic considerations The management science increasingly provides through the exercise of management in business and this at a time in the scenario in which they operate tools that guarantee results beneficial saberseles use. A very important tool is related to the balanced scorecard – CMI (Balanced Scorecard – BSC), which as noted by Wikipedia, was introduced in the January / February 1992 Harvard Business Review, based on work performed for a semiconductor company (the company concerned would Analog Devices Inc.). Its authors, Robert Kaplan and David Norton, argue that the WCC is a system of management or administrative system (Management System), which goes beyond the financial perspective with which managers tend to assess progress of a company. It is a method for measuring a company's activities in terms of its vision and strategy. Provides administrators with a comprehensive view of business performance. It is a tool management companies that continually shows when a company and its employees achieve the results defined by the strategic plan. It is also a tool that helps the company to express the objectives and measures necessary to comply with the strategy.

According to the book "The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action", Harvard Business School Press, Boston, 1996: "The BSC is a revolutionary tool to mobilize people towards the full implementation of the mission through channeling the energies, skills and expertise of people in the organization toward achieving long-term strategic goals. It allows both to guide current performance and target future performance. Use measures in four categories-financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business processes and learning and growth-to align individual initiatives, organizational and cross-departmental and identify entirely new processes to meet customer goals and shareholders.


We live in an exciting world. A world that is constantly changing. What has worked up to this point is questioned, or simply ignored. Hot trends are cooled quickly and leave passage to new ideas and ways of acting. Just look at what surrounds us to realize that everything is in constant transformation: the concept of family has evolved. Now, husband and wife are working all day outside the home and the children spend less time with their parents. Furthermore, appear new familiar formulas that have little to do with traditional ones. Concern for beauty reaches unprecedented levels.

All pay special attention to our physical and aesthetic condition. Gyms and beauty products are experiencing an unprecedented explosion. Leisure time is a fundamental part of our lives. Currently, the search for more free time has become one of the major objectives. Young people are willing to earn less if this can make more free time for them. The pyramid of age has been reversed.

Gone are the times of large families. Increasingly, couples have fewer children and youth is becoming a scarce commodity. On the other hand, this effect on the age pyramid and elongation of the life of our elderly people makes that seniors are present as a market with great potential. Environmental concern is present at all sites. What started as a fad has become a real concern. There is no company that boasts that it has not drafted its environmental policy or to collaborate in one way or another in the salvation of the planet. The Internet has revolutionized the access to the information. We live in the information society. Everything you need to know is a single click away. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection is available practically all of universal knowledge. In addition, it is free. The consumer has the power. More information in the hands of the consumer puts this in a privileged position unknown up to this point.

Package Selection Between Classic Parquet

It would not have tried to West "ensnare" all sorts of novelties domestic consumer, in most cases customer preference for the traditional type of flooring – mosaic or, as it is called professionals – one unit. Classic is classic. Despite the fact that over time it can creak, cracks and upset the owner to change his appearance in the presence of moisture. Although experts say that this is qualitatively laid parquet behaving "decently" for quite some time. Previously, production of parquet there are strict standards.

In accordance with the GOST, domestic producers were doing the parquet boards ranging in length from 200 mm to 500 mm with 50 mm width in this case was 3, 3. 5, 4. 5, 5 and also see the different thickness of the plates. For example the company "Inex Ukr Parquet 'release of two types – 16 and a thickness of 22 mm. Mouldings are manufactured in accordance with DIN 280, and after manufacture of hand-sorted by grade Select, Natur, Rustikal, Geslr depending on the characteristics of wood (knots, Belle, sap) on the front surface of the wood flooring planks, but the modern way of life dictates its own terms, and not giving up mosaic parquet, designers offer to solve the design of the parquet floor bigger now not unusual for a manufacturer to obtain an order for custom size flooring – dies in length from 70 cm to 1 m. Naturally, the thickness of the flooring at the same anymore. A new type of stacking – "Deck" – is used in large offices, suburban homes, apartments, large-area restaurants. This parquet parquet is, perhaps, for the most expensive type of flooring. The whole "trick" is that through the use of different kinds of wood (to achieve a variety of colors), a combination of various elements and the hard work of the masters floor becomes a true work of art.

Fine Watches

Watches not only today can mark the hour, can also tell you the hours elsewhere, day, year, wake you or monitor your heart beat. They are an important accessory, and defined a style, from sports Chronographs to the blade, take the grace and elegance of high jewelry tradition. Types of mechanical watches: are the traditional clocks that work due to a spring inside that to unwind touring the tiny wheels that drive the needles marking its moving the hours, minutes, or seconds. Automatic: In which the motion of the wrist wound internal spring, to maintain constancy in their operation, although they can also be rolled up by hand. Quartz: Powered by batteries to send electronic impulses by a small bar of synthetic quartz crystal that vibrates more than 32,000 times per second, and these vibrations are channeled through a series of gears that end in a pulse per second.

Analogue and digital: definition that manifests by the way of indicating times in the field, since while the analog moving clockwise on it, the digital show numbers (digits) instead of moving clockwise, and these digits are created by diodes that emit light (led), or by liquid crystal (LCD) Chronographs: perform a variety of tasks, since in addition to the narration of hoursminutes and seconds, they reveal the month, day, year, also measured small fractions of time, so it can be used to calculate speeds, distances and altitudes. Today it is part of the wardrobe and satisfied a way of life. For sport or leisure, Chronograph or decorative and elegant, with leather strap or designed in precious metals and gems, provide a great way to show off fashion. Regardless of the price ladder, regardless of need, man or woman, always be there is a clock for you.

Meterological Predictions

Free Tarot Circulation – The circulation of free tarot and the working day the same way that we consult daily weather forecast as to how we dress, we have the option to resort to the printing of free tarot how spectators will come our journey. This is particularly useful to address our working day, especially if we have difficulties with a colleague or a boss that we have to bring bad. The circulation of free tarot finished give us an idea about the dangers or difficult situations that may lurk, or otherwise, will tell us whether we have a day without complications. You have to concentrate as if it were a roll face to face, and access The circulation of free tarot is one of the sections of the site, where you will find updated information about the exciting world of fortune-telling, astrology and other mystical and spiritual themes. The is the ideal way to get to know the secrets of the arcane, and appreciate the beauty of the cards, illustrations and incredibly rich symbolism. By the circulation of free tarot can begin to know the implications of the disclosure of secrets very significant. And we can see that actually pulled free tarot works, and that behind the interpretation of it are Rocio Meli and Carmen, the three natural seers are part of our professional body.

They know how to interpret the special conditions of each roll of tarot free, and find the precise meaning of each mystery. See free tarot roll if you need an idea of how their day, or if you have a very timely question which needs to provide immediate and accurate. See how the tarot has been understood, is a nearly exact science, and feel like the tarotista speaks to you, your surrounding circumstances and their particular problems. The circulation of free tarot is a good way to begin to know our minds and then ask for a more complete and extensive consultation, knowing that the information will come from a reliable source. All that is required to be located in a quiet place and focus.

The program is very realistic and provides the simplest interface, and close resemblance to the actual experience. It is you who chooses the cards. No need to appear before strangers, and from the comfort of your home, free tarot roll is the best way to start your day.

Abominable Man

The widened field of amused the deserving headings of the assignment extends a infindvel series to it that does not exclude to the departure subject some (until exists a fenmeno of success with the Abominable Man of Snows to launch penguins, the coleco ' ' Yeti Sports' '). The type of departures is common to see in this gnero of games all, for very strange that seem, because the factor that them belongs allows it to this specific sector, more particular the more extreme and in such a way abnormal is even necessarily this if to obtain to assume, being in these two crucial aspects that the special brightness inhabits that invites to execute the button ' ' play' ' times without account in consecutive hours. Independently of the option chosen in this segment concrete of games, the set of alternatives is very varied, thus having the possibility of seleccionar that one that more captivates, either for its subject or the mere curiosity that some of them desperte. The form that leads to its preference will be irrelevant, therefore what it will interest here is to try the possible maximum of different hypotheses later, having as objectivo central office the discovery of that more brides, taking off left of this, because the main one is that (in) it amuses. It enters in the world of the amused Online Games in flash and tries the vast seleco of that the Top Online Games has to offer, since the Games of Fight including the Games of Shot of and not forgetting the Games Race of between several others, all gratis.

History Of Mathematics Education

Traditionally it was considered that mathematics as a science emerged in order to do calculations in commerce, to measure the Earth and to predict astronomical events These three needs can be related in some way to the broad subdivision of mathematics the study of structure, space and change. Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics were largely developed by the Hellenistic mathematics, which were refined methods (especially the introduction of mathematical rigor in the proofs) and extended the issues peculiar to this science. Mathematics in Islam, in turn, developed and extended mathematics known by these ancient civilizations. Many Greek and Arabic texts on mathematics were translated into Latin, which led to further development of mathematics in the Middle Ages. From ancient times to the Middle Ages, bursts of creativity mathematics were followed often by centuries of stagnation.

But from the Italian Renaissance in the sixteenth century, new mathematical developments, interacting with contemporary scientific discoveries, were growing exponentially until today. Chronologically, this story could be divided into four blocks according to the schedule set by AN Kolmogorov: a) Birth of Mathematics: This period lasts until the VI-V centuries BC when the mathematics becomes an independent science and methodology in order to own . It also could be called ancient or pre-Hellenic mathematics and shall typically involve the mathematics of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and India. Greece would be located halfway between this period and the next. b) Period of elementary mathematics: A continuation of previous runs from the VI-V century BC to the late sixteenth century.

During this period were obtained great achievements in the continuing study of mathematics began to develop analytic geometry and analysis infinitesimal. c) Period of training of varying magnitude math: The Beginning of period is represented by the introduction of the variables in the analytic geometry of Descartes and the establishment of differential and integral calculus in the work of I. GV Newton and Leibniz. During this period formed almost every discipline now known, and also the classics of contemporary mathematics. This period would extend roughly to the mid-nineteenth century. d) Period of contemporary mathematics: In development since mid-nineteenth century. In this period the volume of spatial forms and quantitative relations covered by the methods of mathematics has increased dramatically, and we could even say exponentially since the advent of the computer. To complement this theme, I’ll tell you that the various branches of mathematics are: a) Algebra and Arithmetic. b) Mathematical Analysis. c) Geometry.

Ouarzazate Meters

The tour offers many exciting and challenging sand obstacles that encourage their 18 holes. In the center of the field there is a beautiful Palace that hosts the club and which is decorated with traditional green tiles and ochre walls. In the club there are a restaurant, as well as several terraces and suites against the mountains of the Atlas. The Golf Amelkis d is the third most important golf in Marrakech and is located at km. 12 of the road of Ouarzazate. The tour consists of 27 holes with a par 72 and a total length of 6.657 meters.

It was created by landscape architect Cabell B. Robinson and is probably the field visually more appealing and attraction in the city. The course is very technical, possibly the most technical of Marrakech, and enjoys numerous bunkers and artificial lakes. There are very few trees along the route, only a few palm trees here and there, but the pleasant environment seduces and challenges to golfers of all levels. The field is demanding and stimulating, quite bumpy and uneven, with multiple blind early, traps to avoid in each hole and 7 Lakes conveniently arranged, as well as picturesque bunkers made of crushed red brick. There are three routes with a total of 27 holes, although there is a project underway to add 9 holes, resulting in a total of 36 holes.

The blue route has 3,156 meters in length, the 3,141 Meters red and green, 3.170 meters. Your vacation in Marrakech will be even more exciting and welcome opportunities to practice golf offered the city enjoy. Hotels in Marrakech will help you to plan your leisure and you can stay in a typical riad in Marrakech or a villa in Marrakech just steps from golf courses to enjoy a holiday of luxury in the ochre city golf. Original author and source of the article.

Sustainable Development

None of these basic problems can be decided of joint, but yes in the search of acceptable parameters, aiming at to the convivncia of the human being in a base more joust and balanced form. The way as if of the o economic growth, compromising the environment, surely it harms the proper growth, therefore it makes impracticable one of the factors of production of the capital that is the nature as production resource. Soon, a development centered in the economic growth that it second relegates for plain the social matters and ignores the ambient aspects cannot be called of development, therefore in fact it is about mere economic growth. Without a doubt, the new technological developments can act in the control of the pollution caused for older technologies, as well as the restrictions how much to the use of pollutant chemical agents they can be efficient in the ambient control. However, we need to examine the consequences of the imposition and/or dependence of the present technology in the processes of technology transfer the countries developed for the underdevelopeds. It is necessary that if it promotes to the adoption of techniques that guarantee the reduction/elimination of the acerbado consumption or, of the production that does not take in account the environment as finite raw material, in the attempt of the establishment of a new economic, conscientious system of the ambient and social question.

The hegemonic actors for implantation and suplantao elaborate forms to spread a thought in the sense-common one, for this the same use themselves of forms to mask the reality. The necessity biggest of an ideology is to occult the reality of the fight of classrooms, being made that the dominant ideas seem true (CHAU: 1982, p.87). One of these forms to spray the Ideology of the Sustainable Development that the capital found is the Ambient Education. 4.1. The Ambient Education and the Sustainable Development in the educational alienation.