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From Religion to Science

Religion is one way, as it is science. It is necessary to know the religion through the scriptures. And then move to science. Not forgetting that they are a real and tangible science. Physics, chemistry, philosophy, mathematics, technology, theology, history, religion, and other areas of the arts.

We have made known to not underestimate any of them. They are necessary to our human race. In social practice should not be like us Dogmatic religious or scientific. For the dogma is wrong millennia. Against religious materialists. A race worthy of mediocre nonsense. Truth is not an excuse for war, because it is not an excuse is a cause that teaches us that there should be no war between religion and science.

Example: I am a physicist, but not being dogmatic religious dialogue with Christians, Jews, theologians and others. But if I get mad at them dogmatic. And I'd say they can not understand the universe rationally as I see it. Belittling their beliefs, causing them feelings of the same gender. Then they despised my belief in science. And would not reach any agreement. Achieving the breakthrough in the talks is due to the following: if the religious talk to me about religion I speak to them religiously. If physicists tell me technically I speak in the same way. This is the place knowing that we locate in space and time. If I am among religious people treat them as such, among physicists himself. Because if you make every contenderia with them otherwise.

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein

It is very possible that almost none of those who read this article has known Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein. I myself had not heard him mention until a fortnight ago when a cult and very good friend, Rafael Francesconi, I quoted a phrase yours while we almorzabamos: as you said Wittgenstein, said Rafael, men say that animals do not think because they do not speak, but animal fibres, simply do not speak! There I was interested in that character which, inexplicably, had never been reported. I looked, no luck, his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus in one to another library. Then he found on the internet, his biography, along with other written about his ideas and read them with anxiety. In fact, Wittgenstein deserves the seat of one of the most influential in this century thoughts. He was born in 1889 in a family very cultured and rich Vienna. Child, endowed with genius and musical sensibility, he dreamed of becoming a conductor, but he never tried to. His life takes place in that period convulsed from 1889 to 1951 in which the great European empires collapsed, subvirtio social order with the Russian Revolution, shook the Western world with the recession of 29 and humanity suffered nazi-fascist reaction.

This man lived two world wars, the implantation of American political power and sharp changes in customs, morality, art, politics and technology. After going to school in Linz and Berlin enrolled at Manchester as a student of engineering aeronautics, unless that was his true vocation. Why, shortly after she decides to go to Trinity College of Cambridge to study philosophy, following this time Yes, his true passion. Bertrand Russell, who was his tutor at Cambridge tells this anecdote of his disciple: at the end of his first term of study at Cambridge, approached me and asked me would you kindly tell me if I am a complete idiot or not?

Clip Art Information

The line clip art child help you design attractive invitation cards and e-greetings easily. The World Wide Web is a vast storehouse of information on any subject (which are also designed to contribute to this store). Today, many websites (both paid and non-free) host baby girl clip art, clipart baby boy and baby shower clip art. Clip Art, as its name implies, is a form of graphic art that makes use of pre-existing images. These drawings / images are copied or physically cut from existing works in the printed format on a particular topic. The sources of these images are the books that have entered the public domain or books tailored specifically for such use.

Logos, mascots, identity and business cards, invitations, letters, etc, can be done by cutting or copying the clip art. Clip art facilitates availability of a set of generic art that can be used and reused by non-artists. Baby girl clip art images are the options cheaper and more feasible to enrich the content of baby shower invitation cards and greetings. With the right software, any photograph or image can be converted into clipart. Free Baby Clip Art is a great way to enhance any presentation as it provides colorful and attractive images exactly in tune with the content presented.

Baby girl clip art: Various websites contain thousands of baby clip art available. These drawings are grouped into sub-categories, to say baby girl clip art, clip art baby boy, baby shower clip art, etc. You can use the services and select a single drawing or a group of drawings of a particular subgroup under to the needs. Baby shower clip art: The shower ceremony celebrates the arrival of a baby in this world and in particular in a family. As such, invitations sent the near and dear ones. The images of the girl clip art baby boy clip art baby will come handy while sending invitations for the shower ceremony. Many sites host baby shower clip art in various subjects? baby shower clip art, baby girl clip art, baby adoption clip art, etc. One can refer to the paid or free baby shower clip art sites in designing your invitations. If the occasion is, the arrival of a baby, then the issue of the invitation card and the game will be a girl’s shower invitation. In these cases, baby clip art photos are to be used. You can choose to send either printed invitations or invitations via the Internet. The huge stocks of baby clipart pictures enable one to make a different choice.

Guardian On Board

In the office, a new type of possible permanent changes associated with the number of jobs, placement officers and other moments. Meanwhile, the conventional circuit layout is very "passive", it takes a long time to make changes. As a result, owners of offices sometimes have to refuse to their plans. An alternative to conventional cable infrastructure is a concept band wiring, for example, embodied in the Connected Building Solutions. Band architecture used in this case, simplifies wiring and provides ordering of the cables due to the introduction of consolidation points, each of which has a limited service area. In simple terms, all the space is divided into several sections: a necessary link in one of such sites are replaced or upgraded and re-incorporated into the overall system.

A more pragmatic use of office space not only promotes the introduction of new concepts, but also use modern power equipment. So typical of "framing" are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In the case of a power failure it is this device will have time to save to your computer all the information, as well as continue to operate even when power is off. For a long time prevented the use ups, including, and awkwardness of such facilities. Currently, manufacturers began to be given to the size of the ups more attention: the result was a model with a narrow hull that can be delivered, for example, along the rack table. And the Israeli firm Guardian On Board generally released the built-in ups, installed directly into the body computer equipment.

Working with the mind In the end, the most promising option of working space is a transition to a smart office. " In this case, the use of modern engineering systems not only streamlines management of all processes (air-conditioning, lighting, etc.), but also positively affect the "square meters". For example, large prospects have wireless technology. The absence of wires and, consequently, bound to any particular place will look completely different on the interior. The joy of possible prospects overshadowed until recently by only one fact: the more "intelligent" office becomes, the more equipment to be used. So, once again raises the question of economy of office space. In many respects, revolutionary way to solve this situation suggested that the global it corporation Sun Microsystems, has developed a conceptual idea for called Blackbox. Its essence is to use a standard metal container used in marine, rail and road transport as a receptacle for the office of required engineering equipment. Sun engineers managed to put together as a system of energy supply and air-conditioning, cable management, controls and installation of equipment racks that to complete the work center data service personnel need only attach the container through special connectors on the case to the sources of electricity and the external telecommunications network. A similar approach is proposed to use yet only very large companies, such as it industry, with enormous "arrays" of equipment. However, such a "boxed" version eventually may find wider application. As the well-known wisdom, optimist glass of water is visible is half full, and pessimist – half empty. And engineering systems: some are limited, and who will provide space for imagination. Taking advantage of modern technology, using different design moves, even in a small area can create a comfortable space where communication would not interfere, but another way of saving much needed office meters.

Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher is used for primary crushing of brittle rocks neobrazivnyh, medium and mild strength. Natural moisture content of rocks shall not exceed 10%. These rocks are chalk, gypsum, asbestos ore coal, limestone, brick fight, marl, clay, etc. For the secondary crusher hammer crusher is also used, the size of crushed material in this case – 100-200 mm to 20 mm and smaller. Divide sticky or viscous materials humidity above 15% of the hammer mill can not. For materials that are capable of clogging are designed with a mobile crusher hammer plate.

Grinding the material in hammer mill is due to strike rapidly rotating hammers to pieces of material, hit pieces against each other and on the boards, which then dropped material.Preimuschestva hammer crushers Low unit costs – the main advantage of hammer crushers. In comparison with the fragmentation method of crushing, crushing blow to the hammer crusher, grinding gives the best effect. The advantages of hammer crushers are: reliability, low weight, high performance, simplicity and compact design, continuous operation. Distinguish hammer mills hammer on the location, method of attachment, the number of rotors, according to the type and position of the discharge device in the form of crushing plates in the direction of rotation of the rotors. The rotors can be operated in reverse and irreversible rezhime.Reversivnye crusher: the principle of reversing mills have been developed for better use of technical knowledge about crushing blows. This is a major advantage, which ensures minimum wear, maximum productivity and product quality.

Crushing of the material reverse crusher made using punches. Reversible crusher – a machine that produces the ideal products for the production of asphalt and concrete conglomerate and guarantees a constant grading curve. Reversing mill is equipped with separate hydraulic control for the defense, special vibratory feeder and a constant power supply. The crusher is ideally suited for crushing materials with a small guaranteed high yield and low sand filler formulation. The internal protective linings made so that it could easily be replaced in case of a single rotor hammer mill iznosa.Ustroystvo Single- hammer mills – the most numerous type of hammer crushers. Shaft hammer crushers single rotor begins to rotate through the coupling of the electric motor, which is put on the bearings. Rotor discs assembled on shaft, and the wheels are suspended hammers. At the bottom of a single rotor crusher is grate. It consists of front and rear ends, each of which apparently is a set of grates tapered section, which are enshrined in the two rods. Housing crusher consists of two parts that are fastened together with bolts. Feed opening for the material at the top of the housing. Its walls otfuterovany plates that protect against abrasion. Plates are also involved in crushing. The material that enters the crushing chamber, is subjected to rapidly alternating hammer blow of the rotor is rotating. Material is shredded and passed through the hole grates, and then goes to the assembly line or in the bunker.


As part of the coaching can successfully operate any other theory, provided that they do not contradict its basic principles: – every man is hidden a great potential (even if you absolutely clear that the other way round) – each person has all opportunities for self-fulfillment of tasks, with the task can be done well and the minimum term – people make the best choice of the means at their disposal – all good things can be done best – Continuous development is not only possible but necessary Thus, the activities director, management education in the style of coaching comes down to: – unleashing the potential of subordinates – the development of responsibility and autonomy in decision making and action – the ability to make positive, calling for effective action, feedback – improve the fence and impulse to the development using the principles of coaching is easy to form a vision team, and combining the values of each employee to create a vision for the team values, develop a strategy and a mission team. Head Coach does not give directives, rightly considering that if the employee is studied for several years profession, the practice took place, has experience, he can handle the job well, but at the same time and not throw employee one on one with the problem. Task manager – to create a supportive environment for maximum realizing the potential of a slave, his commitment to the development, awareness of thoughts and actions, responsibility for dealing with team problems. As we see the principles of leadership in the style of coaching differ from theories management, where the head is above all a man who knows what to do, gives directives to subordinates and is responsible for everything. According to the author, this model can not be effective because it leads to irresponsible subordinates, Chief of overload as well as to the excessive requirements to the leader. To achieve results in a certain way a coach uses structured revealing questions to help employees realize their full potential and see the best way of solving problems..


It is no secret that 2009 has been mixed for the Russian segment of information technology. Many companies in the acute phase of the global economic crisis has reduced their IT-budgets, some even longer invest in information technology. Staff of the enterprises are also undergoing changes throughout the year. This is understandable – during a period of economic instability, any company seeking optimize their costs. On the other hand, work with clients during the crisis also requires qualitative changes, since such periods, among other things characterized by a sharp drop in consumer demand. In his turn, this fact increases the significance of process management relationships with clients, and the effect of each individual client to the economic sustainability of the company and the ability to turn risk of a crisis in benefits for the company. Periods of economic instability are usually characterized by significant changes in balance of forces in almost all competitive markets. Such a process inevitably leads to redistribution of clients, in other words, the quality of customer service and adequacy of measures to attract customers, their retention, management, loyalty becomes the key.

The perfection of these processes in company depends on how mature is the method of customer relationship management as the company faces the customer and what efforts it has made to continuously improve client processes. Certainly not the last role to play specialized software tools to significantly improve the efficiency of these processes. Portal Practice crm in 2009 spent own study of the situation on the CRM-market of Russia and the cis, whose results are presented in this article.

Class Lock

This – the first zone of protection, and, in simple systems, the only one. This zone restricts access to the interior vehicle, preventing, for example, stealing things from the cabin or trunk. Identification system implements the second zone of protection – a little car to get inside, you still have the 'tolerance' to start the engine. Blocking of the engine – this is subsystem, which does not allow an attacker to leave the car. Lock can be operated in different modes, depending on what area of disturbed. Finally, the warning system is designed to convey to the owner message about the attack on the car. On how well implemented in the security system, these pieces of functionality depends on how firmly it will be able to resist the hijacking of a car. In other words, its class.’>Pcperformer wanted to know more.

For comparison possible implementations of the parts in different security systems from different manufacturers in this article will use the scale in which higher score corresponds to the 'I', the lowest – 'V'. So, automobile security systems, alarms, immobilisers have the following characteristics: class Lock; class * control channel * identification of the owner class * class warning. * And more: * reliability * value; Service capabilities * * flexible configuration. Class Lock locks – the ability to disable the alarm system engine car. The most common is an electric lock, where one or several circuits that are vital to the engine, opens and closes on alarm system commands. Security system allowed the trip – the relay contacts closed, the circuit is restored, engine is running.

Guardiola Joy

Again and again the disciples of Terry overcame the stake while Ivorian Drogba joined forces with French Malouda and Anelka for Victor Valdes began to be decisive in the subsequent final development. Where this the Etoo? Do you play Messi? A Alves focus you have forgotten your card carries after suspension. Xavi and Iniesta are smaller than ever. Puyol rubs his face in gradasa Only Yaya Toure and former zaragocista Pique seem that keep the guy. Possession is overwhelmingly in favor of the counterattack begins cules.Pero preocupar.Abidal lets us that if there is traced, be epic A Guardiola, in his short little coaching experience and comes great match and so graphic chat Guss Hiddink for a moment as if they were student and disciple. The party has gone mad and the clock is enormea looks like the bird as our beer and cigarettes rush the bar is big and we small.

There is not time and a smile in sight to appease their own reality. The May 6 because I remember when some of our football dreams were lost in a smoky bar that was growing larger every moment, we jump with joy and excitement when the display of flat screen TV that we saw our hero born a town of Albacete splicing to the network of Peter Cech all the rage we had if he had finished the match. And jump over and over again while on the premises became smoke coming out of us adrenaline. And Andres Iniesta took off the shirt at the same time all the players of Barcelona runaway ran like the coaching staff because we have done so if we had been on May 6 in Stamford Bridge. Then she took off the shirt of rage and joy and not to provoke or displayed as do others, if not to see that our local hero does not look muscular but class and elegance. And now we can enjoy the days before a Champions League final and win it or not will be difficult and unpredictable. But for now I am left with this day that jump for joy while forgetting for a moment that other ghost Pachi-called crisis and of course forgetting that the next day would have to continue to work morning and evening without the fast food intake will experience improvement.

Tips To Make A Site

That idea was turning in his head finally germinated. We finally have the website that both dreamed. Now, it's time that everyone learns the beautiful site we have created. Comes time to advertise and promote the site and manage all necessary means to get to see him in the first search engine sites. But by what magic alchemy can achieve such a miracle? To get to occupy the best sites from search engines and progress in the page rank factor is influenced by the positioning, but that is not the only thing certain is not needed any particular magic, or possess extensive technical knowledge and programming .

Just follow these tips, we on the right track. Should design the site entirely in HTML. However much we may be tempted to such colorful flash templates, would be a mistake to schedule the site entirely on this technology. What happens is that the crawlers that index sites, ie robots that handle the indexing sites periodic review to be included in search engines, are handled much better with text that is read with HTML efectividada Flash or Java. Although lately there have been great strides in increasing the reading skills of the bots for sites with Flash or Java, the text remains the favorite food of the crawlers.

Another important issue is the tags, ie small pieces of code that is included in the source code of the site. It is always best to consult the resources for webmasters that Google provides, for the avoidance of doubt. While many years ago that Google does not consider the keywords for search engine positioning, it is always good to include them. The keywords are no longer taken into account in developing the rankings of the natural position is, by entering an expression into the Google search box, the list of sites that come in response to our query, due to excesses. That is, keywords are often placed in high demand, when in fact they do not have anything to do with the content relevant page. Consequently, it takes all the textual content as relevant content, at the time of placing the sites in the natural results. Therefore, we emphasized earlier about the advisability of not entirely in Flash sites. The more relevant content a site has, the better. Although, of course, without excesses. We will see these aspects is technically called density of the keywords below. The tags that are relevant to Google are Description (So would the piece of code that includes this tag:), Title (title page), content and set of characters (and all bots targeting tags, ie , with specific instructions for search engines about which pages of the site and which are not indexed (noindex, nofollow, NOSNIPPET, NOODP, noarchive, unavailable_after, noimageindex). All of these tags, and more, added to replace textual content of the site Keywords the relevance of the time. This is the first step in an excellent position natural results. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source to Victor Perez Acosta, is an entrepreneur and founder of Internet VPA in 1998. You can find more information and VPA are people in business. We know how you feel other business and what they want. We know you want to save money, but not at the expense of quality. We know you need a reliable partner. A company can always meet your deadlines. We work more than anyone to increase profits for your business, while reducing overall costs.