As the concept is of pleasant friendship. It is a friendship that does not leave of being egoistic therefore, guided more for the emotion look for what them of the biggest pleasure. This foma of friendship is characteristic of the young. If you would like to know more then you should visit Roger Cox. These two concepts are considered by Aristotle accidental friendships, therefore the loved person is not loved by being the man who is, but because he provides to some good or pleasure. She is therefore that such friendships if undo easily if the parts do not remain as they were at the beginning, therefore if one of the parts ceases being pleasant or useful, to another one it leaves to love it.

(Aristotle. Ethics the Nicmaco, book VIII, P. the 175) and values ‘ ‘ til’ ‘ ‘ ‘ agradvel’ ‘ if they modify constantly. The last concept presented for Aristotle as being the ideal friendship is the concept of perfect friendship. A friendship that is not accidental.

One becomes permanent the step that those that desires the good to its friends for they themselves are friends in the direction most proper, they make because it in reason of its nature and not for accident. (Aristotle. Ethics the Nicmaco, book VIII, P. 176) We can conclude with the previous citations that the perfect friend is that one who helps the other to find the way of the good. The friendship is applicable to all the forms of social relations. Friendship does not exist, for example, between dealer and consumer of drugs, only the necessity; so little friendship between two dealers, them is accomplices.