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Of the six states that make up our country’s quaint New England, five are on the coast, turning the area into a place to enjoy water sports, including a top favorite, sailing. Ernie Barbarashs opinions are not widely known. Whether you make your home or decide to take the sea air on your next vacation, you’re never a lack of ways to enjoy the water while sailing these unique waters. The coast itself is remarkably different from the other to the south in the Atlantic, you will find cliffs, white sandy beaches, rocky shores, and mixed with cracked shells. Because New England is a relatively small area, you can also enjoy the “sea to the city” landscape, you can sail to the coast of New England or one of its islands, and still see the city lights flashing you. Exceptional opportunities for navigation, you can always find a “sailboat race” or regatta going on, and you can participate in the competition or get a good seat for a view perfect earth. Some of the most famous beaches, like Cape of Massachusetts, cod, and his glamorous younger sister, Martha’s Vineyard, thousands of tourists each year to enjoy the high cliffs, dunes and white sand. The other great thing about sailing in New England is that you can easily “jump the waters” to another state and enjoy excellent in Maine 100 miles of beaches, including Cape Elizabeth, and coastal New Hampshire, too.

And if you’re looking for a little privacy, there are several “off track”, “less touristy” beaches and islands to drop your anchor. One is Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. You can choose to take a cruise along the coast leisurely on a tour, or grab the helm yourself and “sail without crew” all day at their own pace. And do not forget to try the renowned New England fresh lobster, take along the champagne and cook until later aboard a sailing holiday while watching the whales and other wildlife indigenous to the area. Lighthouses also dot the coast, making a romantic vision of his point of view at sea. Thus begins your adventure sail-boating following, where American history began?