Administrative Sciences

Such reality is worrisome because there is a significant decline in higher education of universities and even postgraduates, of course, we are referring to regarding social, economic and Administrative Sciences, education and even technology, where manifests a great low, product of several causes that have led to this situation, among them can be mentioned: absence of profiles of harmony professionals to the needs of the country demand, in where many races that are offered as Bachelor in administration, economics, accounting, industrial relations, industrial engineering for pointing out some, do not form, empower its graduates according to modern knowledge demanded by the scenarios to ensure competitiveness, development, success, and what is more decisive, to face the challenges, changes that are constantly raising. Absence of continuous and systematic evaluation of the curricula of racing that dictates the institution, noting a large number of resumes loaded hours., in addition to many knowledge not adapted to the times and rigid. Stays the same academic curricula, programs, curricula, where many courses have not been updated, repeatable skills that have already been replaced and not a renewal of new courses according to the requirements demanded by the present and competences that allow professionals to provide their expertise towards the country that generate manifests. Step not given to new approaches, models, tools and knowledge to Administrative Sciences, technology has developed and which permit to interpret the characteristics of the current stage, collaborating with solutions, new proposals to the different problems that currently the national stage shows. Lack of certified teachers with educational quality, academic excellence, supported training of experience, dynamic, proactive linkage with the business sector. Institutions. organizations that require collaboration, aid in favour of addressing the big challenges and the crisis presented to the actions of a new Government that is oriented to Institute that has been called 21st century socialism. There are recent graduates teachers, without experience, contracted without the academic necessary assurance to provide the skills that are required at present and what is more, who know how to motivate the participants to contribute new knowledge favouring the country.