Month: November 2020

Lightning Fast High End Notebook

MSI GT780 gaming has developed notebook in cooperation with eSport champions of the FNATIC team and the SteelSeries keyboard manufacturer. Thus, MSI launches a new era of mobile gaming engines. With faster NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M graphics card, Dynaudio high-end sound and non-reflective full-HD display, it is the most demanding gamers and power users with ultimate performance and equipment satisfied. The robust gaming keyboard of the GT780 is special. The latest multi color LED backlight technology makes shine the user at any LAN party. The community of enthusiasts has been waiting long.

Game professionals experience a whole new level of extraordinary game pleasure. Concentrated power in the aerodynamic look of brushed MSI GT780 aluminium housing provides the new Intel Core i7 quad-core processor in combination with up to 16 GB memory and the fastest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M graphics card with 1.5 GB GRDDR5 graphics memory. In addition, the GT780 is compatible with DirectX 11. The MSI exclusive Turbo drive engine (TDE) drives the power notebook for power-hungry applications automatically to the absolute top. SteelSeries gaming peripherals experts had the requirements of a hard game use in mind in the development of the keyboard of the GT780. The concept includes a button for the touchpad, up to ten possible keystrokes at the same time and a keymap offset usual inputs, larger CTRL and ALT keys, and one which in games Windows function key. A highlight is a gaming mode hotkey.

This controls the advance desired illumination of the keyboard at your fingertips. For example, only the left side lights up the keyboard, while the rest of the keyboard remains dark. Consequently, the gaming keys are faster to find, when the bullets fly. Several missions are run simultaneously faster and the user remains in the game. The included”keyboard LED Manager software provides thousands of lighting, color and effect settings – for example pulsing light. The 17.3 inch (43.9 cm) large anti reflection screen with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) serves with extremely smooth, vibrant, three-dimensional visual effects of more sophisticated games at the highest level of detail. The user about the Blu-ray combo drive on the same high level of quality witnessed high-definition Blu-ray movies. The sound system of the high-end specialists Dynaudio two perfectly placed speakers with an additional subwoofer on the underside of the laptop is acoustically convincing.