Month: September 2017

Lifting Technique

Usually, the climber descends from the top down, than the force of gravity best friend. However, if we do not complicate your life, then this is for us to make sure someone … That's why high-altitude climbers move on the rope is not only down but also up. For this is required additional equipment. Stipulate some ways to lift: chest-foot". In this method, using two clamps. Continue to learn more with: Mitchel Resnick. The motion carried by the alternating movement of clamps, one of the which is attached to the chest, another to the leg. But, as always, there are disadvantages: a big load on her hands and one leg.

breast-ladder." Modifying the first method: a ladder strapped to the bottom terminal. When lifting the ladder is moved up to the limit – another time. And all the time himself a climber hanging on top clamp. Advantage: load lifted to the whole group of muscles. -foot leg." In this method, both the clamp are on their feet and moving feet climber moves up, while his hands are free for work and to raise some tools, material … Also, the tools and materials can be placed at a given height or to yourself to have an end auxiliary ropes. In any case, this method is good for short distances or a single lift. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but our goal is to acquaint you with the most common ways and time-tested.

Voice Biometrics Workshop

A workshop of EIG and the voice compass team Aachen, September 11, 2008 the enterprise integration group (EIG) presents a design and safety workshop in collaboration with the voice compass team on September 30 in the Novotel Aachen. The focus of this workshop is the question of why automated call center has no or very little acceptance among the callers find applications. Underlying causes and appropriate solutions will be presented and clearly documented through video footage. It aims to look at IVR and voice biometrics in a new light. Currently the financial damage caused by identity theft in the telephony sector is growing. The call for more security is getting louder. Latest developments in the area of voice biometrics (voice pattern identifying) promise help. onclusion.

Used almost exclusively for in-house applications, the benefits of voice is discovered biometry now also for use in the call center. The workshop shows how one can successfully master this crucial step. What you don’t know, you don’t trust the. So fights also the innovative Voice Biometrics area despite the sophisticated technology, with significant acceptance problems. At the same time, the enrolment is the process in which the caller deposited his voice pattern time consuming and thus expensive. EIG provides biometrics before her voice procedure, in which you can bypass these difficulties.

The Voice Biometrics places high demands on the design of the dialog. To meet this, a good design is more important than in conventional IVR. That is why the participants of the workshop allowing insight into the proven techniques of IVR to the EIG. All interested parties who would like deeper dive into this matter, the workshop at the heart was set. Detlev Artelt, editor of the voice compass is also involved as an expert in the workshop and explains the participants the necessary background knowledge about speech technologies in practice. Here for more information and the ability to login: workshop/workshop_aachen_de.php about Detlev Artelt voice compass team Detlev Artelt is Managing Director of aixvox GmbH in Aachen and well-known author of various papers and market studies in the field of database-based computer voice systems in conjunction with speech recognition and synthesis. Detlev Artelt is also the Publisher of the voice compass”an annual, international compendium of language automation market. This publication is divided into logical areas all relevant providers and helps the decision makers to understand this technology, the benefits and the market. He is also the voice compass valuable tips on the use of language technology company. Detlev Artelt also directs the Working Group of unified communications at the eco Association. about EIG enterprise integration group EIG AG is an independent, vendor-neutral IVR design and consulting firm.

Hyper Text Markup Language

Web hosting allows you to host your Web site on a server. Offers you the opportunity of having a space in cyberspace where you can store your data, documents, your Web site and even have an own mail server. The Web hosting server is a place of storage of files on the server. The majority of people don’t need to buy a domain, since there are many free hosting providers. Some buy and install your own Web hosting server. However, this requires expertise on hosting. Web hosting companies often buy or rent servers and other infrastructure needed to operate them. This means that everytime someone hires a plan of Web hosting to hosting a Web page, they are actually renting a part of this infrastructure.

The content, images, videos, Web design, etc. Making one single Web page are a handful of files that make up what is seen when visits a Web site. Your website files are stored and organized in folders on the Web server that is perfectly connected to the WWW to via the Internet. Web pages are displayed in the browser thanks to the HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language programming language. This language provides a method for creating structured documents. To do so, denotes the structural semantics of individual elements of the website, such as text, headers, links, quotes and other items. Web servers simply serve files requested by browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera Web and many more.

Windows XP

I have received several reports, from various sources of digital information, where the Microsoft company announces it subject definitely the popular Windows XP operating system for the month of April of the year 2014, date in which totally suspended support and security updates for the most famous system which has existed in the history of the universal computer. To know more about this subject visit Mitchel Resnick. This information make me think that the decision is final, because previously, several months ago, Microsoft had reported that it would invalidate the Windows XP for the year 2012, but then changed his mind and he extended the life of this operating system, which according to the latest statistics, still dominates the market with a 60.03% of users. Although fans and fanatics Windows XP, like me, have around three years to migrate to another OS, at this time many things can happen in the increasingly more accelerated and competitive world of computing. In other articles I have mentioned the reasons, which in my opinion, have contributed to an operating system with 9 years of existence and very good competition, keep current and is the favorite of most of the PC and Notebook users. He said that Windows XP was born with the explosion of information technologies and communication at the beginning of this decade that is about to end, i.e., was born at the time and the accurate time of the boom of computing and the Internet. Its versatility, its navigation interface and some generational feeling, also have helped much in force. Now, and I think that for commercial reasons and security, Microsoft wants to bury the Windows XP to give way to a new era in operating systems has already started with Windows 7. It happens that a high percentage of the monthly updates of the XP in recent years have been security patches, due to the considerable increase in cyber crime.

The Sun

Since anchor King Gotthilf Fischer should not be missed, which is based in the Nightie out of the window at night, to sleep to provide. For their anniversary film hatched NoRMAhl band members themselves in the roles of their narrow-minded fathers, whose life is happening between everyday work and nightly drunken stupor in the village Tavern. A history of two generations of sympathetic loser – in a truly wild time… Jong r – the soundtrack truly great listening cinema offers for really little money because even the soundtrack to the film. 19 tracks are sure to find every track was finely carefully embedded in the dramatic flow of the Strip, and newly recorded each track.

One even in very special way: “Thirst” could interpret Normahl from the local music society – as noise-leather folk music version. There remains guaranteed no eye dry – and folklore custodians Fischer, in the film with a supporting role considered his true joy it would have. Worth listening highlights but form “Go like a tiger” of course NoRMAhl hits like the catchy balladeske, called for many punk fans in the same breath with “Here comes Alex” the pants, the rough early work “Bullshit total”, or the “German weapons” lost after the Winnender rampage of involuntarily to most current explosiveness. Also its really peaceful hometown gets off his fat – NoRMAhl call him simply “Ghost town”. Two brilliant cover – version also offer Besa & co: “Suspicious minds” by Elvis Presley and “Holidays in The Sun” by the sex pistols, tear punchy, inspired and everything else as anbiedernd on the boxes. That Normahl, which have none of their power–have lost four of Germany’s oldest place of punk, and prove something to himself, nor anyone, but show the best newly composed tracks: whether “Berlin”, “after all these years” or “So I stay punk” – even or especially because of their 30-year-old rock experience, Besa and co.

Carlos Gildemar Bridges

FINAL CONSIDERAES the results of this article had been found from the comparative analysis enter the workmanships of Fall Fernando Abreu and Carlos Gildemar Bridges. Its stories bring as subject the solitude, but they keep in itself concernentes especificidades to the style of each author. They are two distinct forms to treat the solitude, in one of them perceives it felt solitude for that alone deferred payment in a city. In another story the person who if feels solitary is somebody that is in the street, in a party in the company of people. Mitchel Resnick insists that this is the case. This indicates that the solitude stops to be felt does not depend on the factor ' ' to be alone or acompanhado' '.

Manifest it if in people who have vulnerable psychic aspects. They are personages who live in a modern context, encircled for radio, television, musics and parties, but these resources did not hinder them to have solitude. In accordance with CHALITA (2009, p194): It is interesting as the people do not have time to be alone. We live in a barulhenta society. Exactly who lives only, when it enters in house has access all type of racket. The television, the sound, the computer, the telephone, the problems that do not find decantation time so that they are decided.

In this direction, the author left clearly that in our houses some alternatives for diversion exist and to break silence and the monotony. These medias and information if had made insufficient in stories to prevent the solitude of the personages. Are two personages transtornados for the solitude, different feelings that demonstrate divergent causes. The solitude that is alone sensible and is in another one moment felt in collective. People who face the solitude of different forms, two authors that they possess you influence of psychology and the philosophy to write its workmanships. Kevin ulrich anchorage is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Abreu is considered one of the most important contistas of Brazilian literature contemporary, develops its narratives criticizing the social conventions, has a language that it is not fit in padres' ' normais' ' traditional. Bridges have a character to intrigue the readers who if question concerning thematic for it the proposal in its stories. It possesss deep knowledge and has one extended world vision. It plays with the readers and make reference to implicit references other literary compositions. Its language does not possess obviedade and it innovates in some aspects. In short they are two excellent writers who offer in them with gorgeous workmanships making to reflect us on aspects contemporaries of the current society. REFERENCES ABREU, I fall Fernando.Por the Ticket of a Great ABREU, I fall Fernando. Strawberries Mofados. Rio De Janeiro: To act, 2005 ARAUJO, Antonio Carlos Alves of. Solitude. Removed of site: CHALITA, Gabriel & MELO, Fabio of. Letters between So Paulo Friends: Ediouro, the 2009 KLEINS, Melaine. The Feeling of solitude: our adult world and other assays. Rio De Janeiro: Imago, 1975 BRIDGES, Carlos Gildemar.Um smile is little for As is same the name of it? in: BRIDGES, Carlos Gildemar. Of the Art To make Aeroplanos. $fortaleza: Acau editions, 2008

Venezuela Colombia

Maicao is the home of all: their neighborhoods inhabited people coming from various parts of the national territory and one of the most numerous Arab colonies in the country. Paisas, santandereana, seedeaters, palenqueros, vallunos and chocoanos are happy on this earth messy transit, straight streets, intense sunlight and mixed skin. Many writers such as Ray Kurzweil offer more in-depth analysis. Maicao is the land of all and in it there are no outsiders. Maicao, is the first municipality in Colombia and is quite literally because when someone enters the country from Venezuela lies first with the corregimiento of Paraguachon and a few minutes later with Earth, as Ramiro Choles defined it in the local hymn it is Insomniac frontier Sentinel. Thousands of people cross the border daily in a sense and another.

Those who do insofar as Venezuela Colombia have their first contact with the maicaero landscape and thus begin to imagine how it is the rest of the country. That viva La Guajira on the new anniversary of its foundation. Happiness for her, for their noble inhabitants and Maicao, one of their favorite sons. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is Manager of companies and journalist. Instructor of the University nacional de Aprendizaje SENA and teaching service of pre degree and postgraduate.

He has completed the following three specializations: administration of programs of Social development specialist in human development and guidance educational specialist in teaching University is author of the books: if tomorrow is today, brief look at the immensity, moments of eternity and although trembles the Earth and the heavens fall. Co-author in addition to textbooks Renata Guajira 2007, stories that are not story and Word and residence. Winner of the following awards: Cerrejon 2.008 and Cerrejon 2.009 journalism contest in the category internet journalism contest 2009 energy efficiency, category Digital contest departmental cultural journalism, category television as librettist of the documentary sea of the distinguished apalaanshi medal Luis A.